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Readers Respond: What Flat Irons Have You Used?

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From the article: The Best Flat Irons
Can you recommend your flat iron? Or have you used a flat iron that didn't live up to it's promises? I'd love to hear your recommendations, your warnings, and your flat iron experiences!

Jilbere built to last

I have a jilbere thats lasted 11 years. It always worked great with use of 4-5 times a week. It recently went out so my husband wanted to take it apart. This thing it built like a tank. He bent a screwdriver trying to break it open. Ill never buy another brand
—Guest Heather

Toni Guy

I think Toni&Guy do the best straightners, ours have lasted 8 years now!
—Guest Guest Chloe

The Best in the World

The Kadori flat iron are the best flat iron. They give you more bang for your buck Check them out and see for yourself!!!
—Guest sharon

T3 hair irons

T3 Tourmaline Wide Wet-to-Dry Flat Iron - T3 Flat Irons $ 79.98 T3 Bespoke Labs Narrow Wet-or-Dry 1' Flat Iron- T3 Flat Iron $ 76.98 http://www.t3hairdryera.com
—Guest brandkey

FHI is the best on the market period

Ive sold both FHI and Chi. FHI is a much better product. It is excellent on ALL textures of hair bc it requires less passes to straighten the hair. My Chi only last a little over a year. My FHI has lasted already 3 yrs with no problems. Trust me, its the way to go!
—Guest Channing

T3 Evolution Hair Dryer - Bespoke Labs E

T3 EVOLUTION is the dryer intended for serious hair care professionals. Offering the highest quality control, precision, and versatility of all our dryers, it features three heat settings, a cool shot, and two speed settings for a whopping eight different possible combinations. The T3 EVOLUTION raises hair styling to new heights of skill and artistry. An alternative to the formidable T3 Featherweight, the equally lightweight Evolution dries super-fast and preserves moisture and Part #:83888 Price: US $99.99 http://www.t3hairdryera.com

T3 hair irons

T3 flat irons are great, because they do not pull on your hair, get really hot and comfortable to grip.


I have used conair flat irons and found that they are no good.
—Guest Kay

By far GHD

I have used many diffrent kinds of flat irons and the best I have found is GHD. It's the only flat iron i've ever used that will straighten and smooth my hair. It also doesn't damage my hair like some brands have.
—Guest Amber


GHDs have absolutely been worth the extra expense for me. Mine died recently after having been used daily for 5 years, and I'm replacing it ASAP.
—Guest Lianne

T3 Flat Irons

T3 flat irons are great, because they do not pull on your hair, get really hot and comfortable to grip. They can be found at http://www.beautyneeds.com/t3_tourmaline.htm

Chi's are the best and worth the price.

Chi Flat Irons have made my hair feel so soft and shiny.
—Guest Tina

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