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Readers Respond: Have You Permed Your Hair?

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Digital perm???!

I have healthy fine baby soft hair sholder length and wish for a digital perm! I've been told that those with fine healthy STICK STRAIGHT hair, might not even see a result after getting a perm! Would a digital perm hold in my hair??? I really want this perm for the summer!!
—Guest StevieW.

My Perm

I have the thickest hair you can ever IMAGINE! But when I permed it it looked great! It got kinda dry but when I put hair lotion on it it got WWWAAAAAAYYYY better.
—Guest Nnenna

Spiral perm

When I was in high school I used to get perms all the time with the rods that hook like hoops. That is the perm I plan on getting again. (Note from Kendra: Thank you Emily. That perm is called a "boomerang" perm.)
—Guest Emily

Damaged My hair

I am very unsatisfied with digital perm. It din't give me curl how I wanted, but now I've a spider curl, and my hair dry and rough. Like a broom, any suggestions for me to get healthy hair again. Well, my hair type is thin and silky original.
—Guest Rabina

Digital Perm!?!?!

I'm debating if I should get a digital perm. I've seen people who've gotten digital perms but they all had super straight hair. I on the other hand have extremely ugly hair, it's gotten to the point where I can't do anything to it. But the main reason I want to get a digital perm is the that it can give you beachy waves. So I'm just wondering if with my type of hair I can still get a digital perm? If anyone could answer this for me I would greatly appreciate it!
—Guest Stacy

Perms are fine!

Hello - I have should length hair and I perm it once a month, visit my hair dresser every other Thursday and it NEVER falls out. It's full of life and body and I love it. I use OLIVE OIL perm
—Guest Julia P.


Hi, I'm thinking of getting a loose perm. However my hair is black, a little below shoulder length and thick how high would it go. I don't want it like ear length so what perm should i get please help.
—Guest Jazz

Wish I hadn't

I had my hair permed, my hair was previously in good condition but I wanted full curls and body, instead I got an eighties perm which has completely dryed my hair out, I have to straighten it with irons which means my hair is like stray. I went to my usual hairdressers who are very good, but I really wish I hadnt had it done!
—Guest Tracy

newly permed

Hi, I was freaking out about getting my hair permed as my hair was above shoulder length when straightened. I got a loose perm and I love it. I can show before and after photos if anyone is in a similar situation and wants to see. :o)

Natural looking Short-haired Perm

To Marinda: If you like curly hair, go for it! I got my hair first permed when (straight) it barely touched my chin. We used the second-smallest rolls, and it turned out so beautiful! It looked like angel curls. It also made my hair seem shorter (which was good with me), bringing the front up to my cheekbones. Now, it's about shoulder-length and I still love it. I'm constantly being asked if my hair is natually curly. I deep condition once a month-ish, and get my hair trimmed whenever the curls seem lacking. Tell your hair cutter you'd like a trim to accent the curls, and it'll look like it got permed over again. Best thing? I get mine done at Great Clips for $65. Never had a problem.
—Guest Guest Nikki


i have just past the shoulder lenth hair and im not sure wether i should get a perm or not because im scared my hair will loose its lenth amd it will look sstupid. Somebody help me, i really like the perm look but im not sure if my lenth would suit it. Should i wait?
—Guest marinda

Traditional Perm

I did a traditional perm just a little over a month ago on coloured & highlighted hair. Needless to say it damaged my hair too boot and I was left with limp, lifeless curls. But I have learnt a technique to style my curls and make them look healthy. I deep condition my hair (overnight) once a week, wash my hair every 2 days only (at night) with conditioner and apply a good curl enhancing cream (I use Sunsilk Curl Booster & No Frizz Balm AUD5.99) and scrunch my hair and let it air dry. Next morning, I just apply some water to my hair to reactivate the product whilst scrunching then I let it air dry. My curls have never looked better! My hair is getting healthier too with the air drying and conditioner-only washing + weekly overnight treatments :)
—Guest Teff

Digital Perm!

I have very fine, flat, thin, natural blonde hair, about shoulder length. Some past light blonde highlights but not right before I got my digital perm. It's much less damaging then a traditional chemical perm (they basically use a heat curler to set the hair so less chemicals needed- which also leaves the curl more natural looking- no granny hair here!). It does cost a bit more, but not alot in comparision to the health it leaves you hair in. My hair (which i tried a chemical perm in the past severly damaged it, took years to grow out) took this perfectly. I asked for volume, waves, and some curls, for that "beachy" look. I got it! My hair was left silky soft, not damaged, and absolutely beautiful! NO damage! It looks natural as well, my friends who have known me my whole life asked if I straightened my hair before all the time and is this my natural style! So def look into this one! Digital Perm, from a Korean salon. To throw a shout out- Beautiful Life Salon, Jen Chang did mine! :)
—Guest mercyme

Type of Perm

Hello! The type of perm in that photo is a boomerang perm. However, similar results can be achieved with other types of perm wraps. In this person's case, due to her hair type, color in her hair, length of hair, thickness of hair, and other factors, we choose to wrap it in a boomerang style. Your hair stylist can help you choose the best kind of perm for your situation. Be sure to take photos of the kind of curl you are looking for. Kendra Aarhus About.com Guide to Women's Hairstyles email: womenshair@aboutguide.com


i am gettubg a perm in a couple of weeks and don't know what kind of perm i should get... HELP?? i really want my hair like the one in the picture in the article.....but don't know what that kind of perm is called! Please Help!!
—Guest lucy

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