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Readers Respond: Is the Pixie Haircut a Flattering Hairstyle?

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The pixie haircut is one of the more daring hairstyles that a woman can try. Do you find the pixie a flattering haircut? Have you ever had a pixie cut? What did you love about your pixie? Would you ever try a pixie cut?

yes, yes and, yes.

I just got a pixie cut about two weeks ago and i love it a lot :) i highly reccomend this cut for people who DON`T want to spend hours in the morning doing their hair but still want it to look awesome for any occasion :D
—Guest Dr pepper


I'm 14, and I've been going shorter with my hairfor a while now. I want to get a pixie cut, but every one keeps telling me it won't look good, and I also don't want to look like a guy. I have a square shaped face too. Should I go for it?
—Guest Oreo

long waist length 2 sporty looking Pixie

OK! So many people grow up with the idea that "Girls are supposed to have Long hair" and that "Guys are supposed to have short hair". Yet personaly i say Wat the heck! Its not written in stone. Who said it HAS to be like that. So since i was already entranced by the 'pixie cuts', i decided that after 15 years of listenin gto these one sided ideas. That i would get one too! And let me tell you i loved it! Also one of the main reasons i did it was also for sports (i play soccer and baseball) everybody i knew gave me complements and let me tell you "Pixie cuts are an AWSOME way to help boost up your confidence
—Guest KariKarns

21 st birthday

So my 21st birthday's around the corner , soon to summer time & I'm really dying for a pixie cut because because people confuse me with looking younger .. I want something DIFFERENT , something people will notice once I walk into a room or snap a picture . I'm scared that if I do get it my hair will take forever and a day to grow or the hairstyle isn't for me .. I really want to do it ! :-{
—Guest Summer

Fun And Flattering!

I love pixie cuts! I have always wanted one, and after seeing Emma Watson's new hair (among others), my mom cut it for me last year. I loved it! I was really worried that people would be mean about it, but mostly they either loved it, or didn't say anything about it, which was fine for me. I am slightly shy and modest 14 year old, so this hair really boosted my confidence. A pixie is great for dying hair too, because you have less to dye, and it looks good. I am going to get mine cut again this summer, because I liked it so much. I have a slightly heart-shaped/round face, but I think this hair looks good on lots of people. Sometimes I worry that people will tease me because I might look like a boy, but I also know I liked this hair on me, and that is the only important thing!
—Guest Gwendolyn


HELP!!!! ok..... so ive been doing a TON of searches to see if the pixie cut is a good idea or completely out of the question. I have shoulder length, straight blonde hair. i also have a round face..... im tired of just wearing a pony tail to school everyday. I saw emma watson's new 'do and i fell in LOVE with it..... but im afraid of being made fun of at school................. HELP PLEASE!!!
—Guest very confused

Hmmmm my cousin put me off!!!! :(

I had made an appointment to have my hair cut, I had a perfet pixie cut in my head and then I showed my cousin who said that I would look like a lesbian person :( I already picked on about this at school cos I dress quite like a boy. I really really want one but is 13 too young to get one???? IN DIER NEED OF HELP!!!!!
—Guest wilkinson01

Young and in love

I have read a few posts about teens who are scared of pixie cuts. I am gere to say that I am a teen girl, and I have a pixie cut. No one ever confuses me for a guy because I wear feminine clothing and jewelry. Some people do ask me to grow it out, but very few people have actually been rude about it. Those who have been rude about it, I choose to ignore because I feel more confident and independent than I ever have before. I would reccoment this to anyone! I am in love with my pixie cut!
—Guest Nicole

Stylist left salon!!!!!

She gave me the perfect pixie cut and everyone commented on how good it looked. It grew out in a good shape but I wanted to keep it short. So I called to make another appointment - and she left!!!! It was the only good haircut I have ever received. And I know bad haircuts as I bought a wig to cover up one.
—Guest Jane

Pixie cut

Spent my adult life with permed hair. Turned 65 and wanted a do totally out of character and got a pixie. LOVE IT! I won't say that I wasn't a little nervous but it is great! Nice large earrings set it off.
—Guest cfw

Pixie Forver

I am on day 4 of my Pixie Cut and I love, love, love it! It has changed my life! I have had a boost of self confidence! Wow I can't believe how great I feel!
—Guest Pixie It!

More than ready

I plan to chop the thing off right after graduation. Can't suffer through a long and hot summer again with long hair! My mom had short hair the majority of her life and she always encouraged me to have a pixie. I had one when I was young but hated it because I thought that I looked like a boy. But then since I saw Emma Watson's new 'do I'm longing for short hair. I'm thinking of shaving one side for graduation and then cut the rest after graduation, like I said before. Whaddaya think? I don't care, nobody can make me change decision :)
—Guest Lumosa


No, I don't like a pixie. I had one about a year ago or more because someone wanted to give me a "texturixed" cut (the kind I call helmet head, the "bob" that is too severe, with roof shingles in the back and the wings in front of the ears), and I had a one-inch layer of hair in the back of my head. Someone gave me a pixie to try to give shape back to my hair, because I was tired of the angle shaped cut that had long layers in front, medium layers on the side, and short layers in the back. Everyone liked the pixie on me, said it was very flattering, and yet I didn't like it, couldn't stand it, didn't feel feminine, and felt like I broke my own rule, which was not to enter middle age with a short butchy cut. It's not just about how it looks; it is about how it feels. Michelle Williams said that men didn't find her attractive with her pixie, and she's gorgeous. Truthfully? I didn't like it on her either. She looks much more youthful with longer hair. JMO -
—Guest Terri

second time

I traded my below the shoulder length hair for a pixie for the second time and am loving it. I got it cut a little differently than the first time similar to michelle williams but instead my hair is wavy. I have a small face but have large eyes and lips. Its has made my self confidence soar and is a great change to show off my face. I've gotten many complements and it's a great choice for any woman who wants to do something bold and take chances. Plus it's a good excuse to wear nice earring and make-up.
—Guest pattylove

Pixie or not to Pixie?

I am currently obsessed with pixie cuts. I have wavy frizzy black hair and the shortest I've had was chin length. I really want to get a pixie cut but I have round/square face with chubby cheeks. I've being wavering between feeling super confident about getting it cut and keeping it in the rather dull ponytail that my hair is currently confined in. So If you're a super confident, spontaneous person go for it!
—Guest Annie

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