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Readers Respond: Is the Pixie Haircut a Flattering Hairstyle?

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I wish...

I am 13 and totally dying to get this cut but my parents think it is too old for me. They even had me get this hair app to show me what I would look like with one and it looked bad but so did every other style even the one I look good with and have now. I just don't think the app is accurate but they do. They also tell me that guys won't like it but I don't care what people think. I believe I can convince them but I wish I could get one right now!
—Guest Olivia

the pixie is the best haircut

I am so happy, I look different from the rest of the girls who are walking around wearing the same outfits with the same long hair :) To cut this short you need to be brave, awesome, a girl who is not here to please other's expectations of her looks ;)
—Guest mexicanpixie

I hate long hair!

I am about to turn eleven and I really want to have a pixie cut.I am nervous that my mom won't let me get my hair that short.The original plan was that I was going to cut my middle rib length hair into a chin length bob, but I changed my mind to a pixie cut.I hope she will let me get a pixie.
—Guest Ash

Nervous, but excited. (:

I am 15, and I've had hair longer than shoulder length for my whole life. Tomorrow, I'm going pixie. I'm nervous, but excited. New beginnings. (:
—Guest Katie

Wanted One for Years!!!

I'm nearly 15 years old, and i go to a small school in the middle of no where! I'm very fashionable and i'm known around my area as a trendsetter. I'm quite confident, and very bold as a person and i feel the pixie cut would just enhance that! I have a heart shaped face and i'm definatley going to go for an edgy Rihanna style. I mean, c'mon ladies it's just hair!
—Guest Maddy

Go for it i think?

I am in love with the pixie cut/short cut, but i'm scared the males will be turned off.. i am getting it because my uncle died of cancer and i'd like to donate it! i have an oval, round face and im a redhead/ginger. and im 12 almost 13 so i am not sure if it'll make me look younger i think i should go for it!
—Guest I think i'm going to go for it

I`m going to give it a try

I have blue eyes blonde hair and a heart shaped face and I`m going to high school soon .... Yep ! Time for a change !
—Guest Kay 11 years old

Soo Hot

I think pixie cuts are very attractive, and think the hair style has become most excepted by a lot of people, if its right for you, then go for it!
—Guest Eric P.

go for it

I got a pixie cut and I liked it im 12 and awesome
—Guest Hi

Go for it!

I am 31 years old, and have had a pixie cut since I was 13. I will never go back to long hair! I get daily compliments on my hair, and it is so easy to style. A couple words of caution: not everyone has the face for a pixie cut, so use one of the online tools where you upload a picture and try different hair styles. Also, having super short hair requires a confidence that many people do not have. Know what you are getting into... and remember, it is hair and it will grow back!
—Guest MP

Getting, had and staying

I'm 16 and I've had a pixie witch has grown out to shoulder length hair. And I have very thick very curly hair, but it's summer and I'm an athlete and do not have time to flatten every day. So CHOPCHOP back to my love
—Guest Destiny

Dying to get a Pixie

I wore a pixie when I was much younger, early twenties. I'm 58 now and going on a driving trip with my hubby in our convertible. I want to have fun and not worry about my hair! The cut shown is adorable - my hair grows down from my crown so I think it will work. One week to P-Day!
—Guest Kristi

Pixie Cut?

I was 25 when I got my hair cut really short to get rid of the damaged ends from the sixth and the last time I got my hair permed. It grew back healthier, fuller, and shinier.
—Guest Tanya Kasim

too small..?

Loads of the websites i read didn't mention if it would look good on tiny people like me :/ I'm 13 and only 5'1" with a round face and dead straight hair. I'm bored of my long hair and I really like the pixie but should I?
—Guest AZ

love it

I'm 12 years old and i really want to get a pixie cut,but my mom says its too old for me. I don't want a super short cut, but i want a messy, out of bed look thats easy to manage.
—Guest abby

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Is the Pixie Haircut a Flattering Hairstyle?

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