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Readers Respond: Is the Pixie Haircut a Flattering Hairstyle?

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Skeptical gambler

I'm 16 and about to go to college in 6 months. I want a pixie cut although I'm a bit frightened to be honest. Currently, my hair is dark dark brown/black and very thin and straight. That's not the problem though, my wide forehead and round face is what I'm concerned about. What do you think? New school new hairstyle?Actually...Don't answer because it doesn't matter, I'm going to get one anyway ;)
—Guest Guest

I'm young....

I am 12 years old going on 13 in January. I really want an Emma Watson type pixiecut, but I don't want to deal with bullies picking on me for having short hair. I wear tight shirts, skinny jeans, sandals, and short shorts, so I doubt I'll be confused for a boy out of school ; but in school we wear loose fitting uniforms which are very unflattering and from behind could give some people the wrong idea about my gender. Please help me I am very confused about what I should do. I have an oval face and dark brown hair which if I do get a pixiecut I plan to use golden highlights. I VERY VERY badly need advice on this so please help!
—Guest Casey O

Are you bold enough to do a pixie cut?

Hell yeah!!!! As soon as the weather gets warm again and I'm about to graduate. I'm chopping it off and dyeing it jet black. I'm sure I'll get lots of negative comments on it. But whoever is shallow enough to judge you by what your hair looks like doesn't deserve your attention anyway. It's fun and it fits my high cheek bones and shape of my face. So as soon as spring comes I'm saying "Lets Do This"
—Guest Rachel Raine


I got a messy pixie and I love it. I couldn't believe how many people said I looked years younger. When your getting ready to turn 54 a compliment like that makes you glow.
—Guest Denise

Should I?

I just turned fourteen last week, I've always wanted a pixie cut. I had one as a toddler. I think pixie cuts are flattering, gorgeous, and easy to take care of. However, my mom thinks Id look older with one, like if I was fifteen or sixteen. Another reason why I wanna chop all my hair off is because after I cut it chin-length in the summer, I bleached streaks of it an died them pink. My hair is really dry now, and I often get frustrated with it in the mornings when I'm getting ready for school.
—Guest CookieMonster

Heck yes

On small elfin, Audrey Hepburn type people it looks great. On my 180cm, 66kg frame definately not.

Love my Pixie

I went gray after an illnesses. I decided to have my hair cut into the pixie and I just love it. Easy care looks neat all the time and fun. I have done my thing and I give two hoots as to what other people think. I do have to wear a little more makeup around the eyes --so what!
—Guest carol


I think women get too comfortable with their look. Too often we make the choice to play it safe. The best hair advice comes from my father... "hair grows back." I had an itch for the pixie last fall and went with my gut to cut! I have never had so many compliments on my hair. Don't ask your friends & family if they think a pixie cut would look good on you.... ask your stylist, an expert in what looks good. I say if you are curious yet nervous, go for a longer bob that compliments your bone structure. It's a good ice breaker. Once you have gotten over the shock of shorter hair, you can make your next move. To snip or not to snip. You only live once, go for it!
—Guest lisaaaamaaarie

13 Years Old with a Pixie Cut

I used to have long thick wavy black hair, but I got tired of it and wanted something new. I cut my hair off, and now I have a short pixie with a bit longer bangs than what the normal pixie would have. I absolutely love it, but any teenager who gets this haircut needs to have a lot of confidence. I'm gonna be honest a lot of people will make fun of you, and depending on how you dress, some people will call you "little sir" when you go out.
—Guest Celine

Scared to Death

I'm scared to death to do this haircut, but why not now since I'm still young.
—Guest katie

Sharp scissors and skill for a pixie cut

My hair stays short and tends to bush out when it grows but the fringe outgrows the rest of the hair about five times quicker than the cut. I think every hairdressing client should be treated as an individual whose styling needs should be understood to enable the best style outcome. I think the Pixie style can be chic, sexy, funky, or elegant; all these sub-styles need a skilled and creative stylist. Oh if only I could find such a talented Professional "Hair-Cutter."

Bold enough! Heck yeah!

I've always been a bit of a tomboy but, to tell you the truth, I've always wanted to be like the girls at school. I was never girly, I never cut my hair but I always admired short hair. Right now I thought, why not give it a try after all life's changes start small. I cut it and I love it! Anyone can name-call me and I still feel as beautiful as I do now.
—Guest daliha

Should I rock a pixie cut?

Not sure if I should cut my hair into a pixie style. My hair is long and blonde now and friends would be so baffled if I cut them seeing as they all love my hair. However I really want to cut it and my boyfriend has given me the go-ahead but i'm afraid seeing as its taken me years and years to get it to this length - the length that i've always wanted. There's another question.... I want long hair for my wedding (i think) which is in about a year.... I guess I should just wait? Oh boy but then I have to wait a whole YEAR?..... Oh boy!
—Guest Help Me!

My Pixie Cut

I grew up with long, curly, lovely locks of black hair, and just cut them all of for the first time ever in my 23rd year of life; I now have a pixie cut and I am loving it! I love the freedom it brings, the confidence it gives me, and the spunkiness it exudes! If you are considering getting a pixie cut, you should keep in mind that it brings a financial commitment (you will need to get it trimmed every 4-5 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows), it still takes time to style (shower/wet hair every morning at the very least before styling, then applying wax/pomade/mousse to your liking), and you will be very limited in the ways you can style it. No more curling (not much anyway) or braiding, etc. If you want a pixie cut really badly, take the time to see if the short style fits your face. Smaller features and an oval face work best with this cut; any larger parts of your face will be emphasized when your hair is this short. Have fun! :)
—Guest Teeny-tiny

Wrinkled pixie

Like Connie, I wore a pixie as a teen. Cute then. Then went long hair in my 20's and 30's. Back to pixie now in my old age. Easy care - wash and wear. Cute? Maybe not but at least I don't have a bathroom full of hair products. And my earrings show. :-)

Been There, Done That

I suffered the pixie haircut for years as a child. People thought I was a boy, even after I started developing. It is probably the reason I am rocking long locks now. I will be a little old lady with a silver bun, but I will never go back to the pixie cut again!
—Connie B

Are You bold enough to do a pixie cut?

No I am not bold enough. I think the Pixie is a very cute and flattering haircut on the right person. But, on myself I don't think so.
—Guest Maynard

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