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Readers Respond: What Age Should a Child be Allowed to Color Their Hair?

Responses: 47


Parents always have tough decisions to make when it comes to their kids. As a parent, when would you say yes to allowing your child to color their hair? When Would You Say "Yes"?


I want red highlights. Like 3. 1 on one side, 1 on the other side, and 1 in the back. But my hair is really wavy and sometimes curly. Will highlights not look good on me because of my curly hair? I don't want ppl to think I'm ugly. I'm turning 14 this yr
—Guest Violet13

Your Choice

If you feel that your child is mature/old enough then do it. I personally think it would be better if they were in 5th grade and up though.
—Guest Hi


I'm 13 and I have jet black hair. I've always wanted to color my hair,just the tips,to experiment, and frankly I think its okay to color your hair as long as you're sure you want to and if you know how-age doesn't matter,unless you're below 5, maybe? My parents have said yes and I am yet to do it and I think if it'll make you more confident then go right ahead! :) x
—Guest ClockworkPrincess1D

I'm I allowed to?

I'm 11, almost 12. My hair is golden blonde and I'm tired of people calling a dumb blonde. I want to get a really light brown color, maybe like a honey color. I don't want that much people to notice that I dyed my hair. Just think it got darker hair naturally. Should I be allowed.
—Guest Leah


I don't believe that kids under 16 should dye their hair. I understand wanting to express themselves but the harsh chemicals can be dangerous. Whats next tatoos at 12? Piercings at 13? there has to be some guidelines
—Guest Jan

When you would say yes

These are chemicals that the child's hair is exposed to. Let children be children as long as possible, childhood is fleeting and they will be adults for decades.
—Guest Katy

It's Their Own Fault If It Goes Wrong

Personally, I feel like if kids want their hair dyed then they should be allowed. However you should seriously warn them about the consequenses that dying their hair could do. If things were to go wrong and damage your childs hair then they know to not do it again and if it does go well then everyones a winner. Hope this was of help
—Guest Joe King

Ofcourse!! There is nothing wrong!

I am 14 and I am getting streaks today. All I had to do to convince my mom is that everyone in school has it and i really want it. At first my mom was thinking of getting me extensions, but I honestly thought it would be a pain, and wearing extensions to school would be hard to maintain. I have jet black hair so my mom was worried that the parts that were gonna be dyed would turn blonde, she had a friend that had her daughter's hair streaked to and my mom lost all her worries :)
—Guest Shana


I'm 13 years old and I have dark brown hair, I've been changing alot since I went to middle school including my clothes and now I want to change my hair! My parents said yes to let me dye my hair a dark red, my mom wasn't too thrilled but she still agreed to it. I'm getting it done at a salon since I don't think I can do my whole head correctly I believe parents should let their kids express themselves through hair, but I would only use semi-permanent hair dye so it's not a full commitment. If you kid wants their hair dyed they just want a new look or maybe they just want to have a little fun with their hair
—Guest Band girl

Make them happy

I am a divorced father of a 3 year old girl and 8 & 13 year old boy. Personally I express to all my kids that they are beautiful they way they look. So what if my oldest has a skater cut with 4 black streaks, my middle has a military cut, and my youngest loves it when my fiancé puts TEMPERARY spray dye in her hair. At least my boys aren't painting their nails black or putting on make up or even locking themselves in their rooms all day. My daughter loves doing things with my fiancé, since my kids mother makes minimal bonding time. Let your kids express themselves, but to a degree. Just don't let them go overboard. It's like getting their ears pierced. But depending on their age should depend on how permenant the hair dye should be.
—Guest Loving Father


Im sorry but my kids would never be allowed to use perm. hair dye on there hair until at least the age of 15. Before that it can be temporary but not some rainbow crap.
—Guest heather s


i am black with medium length hair and I just turned twelve and all I want to do is dye my tips pink but my parents say no. but I just want to express my self. I told them ill do the chalk or spray ons but the still say no. how am I supose to get them to finally let me color my hair.
—Guest Pretty gurl swagg


Im 13 I believe I'm old enough to get it ombré hair! It's a cute trend!! Kids these days are trying new things that are cool don't let your child be the one left out!
—Guest Haley Scott

Yes and No

If my daughter was under 13 and wanted to have her hair turned a strange color, I'd probably ask her if she'd just rather wear a human hair wig. I wouldn't want to ruin her hair at a young age, and wigs have very little commitment while being very flexible with styles. Sometimes children think they want things and then realize that after it's been done, it was a bad idea. After 14, I'd give her pretty much all of the freedom she'd like with her hair (with some guidance and the occasional "no").
—Guest Meem

yes! yes! yes!

i think girls should. First of all I am 11 and I want pink highlights. my parents said when I am 13. I only have 2 years left. now that is what a responsible parent would say.
—Guest pinklover

When Would You Say "Yes"?

What Age Should a Child be Allowed to Color Their Hair?

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