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Readers Respond: What Age Should a Child be Allowed to Color Their Hair?

Responses: 12


Parents always have tough decisions to make when it comes to their kids. As a parent, when would you say yes to allowing your child to color their hair?

wat the heck

My mom thinks the color of poop is pretty but I want to die it
—Guest KelliE


If the child is over 9/10 years old then they should be able to, It also depends on how Responsible they are. It doesn't show them that they're not perfect they are , it gives them a little freedom to do something. It's one little change, Not like it's gonna lower their self Esteem, At age 12 I dyed my hair and now I have a high self esteem . So YES!
—Guest Thomas


im 12 and parents let me use permanent pink hair color for a couple of streaks in my hair
—Guest ash


No way! What message are we sending to kids when we so drastically change their hair colour: "you're not good enough as you are".
—Guest Marie


my 10 year olds stepmother aloud my daughter to dye her hair i believe that is is dangerous and that no child under 15 should dye there hair in any way wash out or not!!!!
—Guest lynette


I think it would be fine by 11 or 12, because I find children are more responsible and ready to dye hair. Also, never choose for your child!
—Guest Emerald


I think it is okay my parents let me get a relaxer when I was 4 and right now I am coloring my hair and I am 11
—Guest bri

Natural is Best!

It's that young delicate hair that gets the beautiful highlights from the sun without any other help! My daughter has choc brown hair that gets really sandy looking highlights from the sun and swimming, every summer. That's the best highlight job you can get. Can't find it in a bottle! I just wish my hair did that, I would save a lot of money!!
—Guest Lisa


As long as they are responsible and know the facts of how they must color their hair. Not under the age of 9, I think.
—Guest CHRI

It depends...

If the child was responsible enough and over the age of 9, I would definitely consider their request. My mom let me color my hair(with Kool-Aid) when I was 11.
—Guest mellie

No way!

My daughter will not be allowed to use any chemical based product on her hair (perms, dyes, relaxers.. etc) until she is old enough to work!
—Guest Belle


I can't believe I see people here bleaching out young girls hair! Its a harsh process that dries out already fine and easily broken hair!
—Guest jessica

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