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Donating my hair was an excellent decision...

Share Your Story: Have you donated your hair to Locks of Love?

By TheeArnolds

Donating my hair was an excellent decision...

Picture taken a week before donation

Donating my hair was an excellent decision...

Picture taken day of donation

What inspired you to donate your hair to Locks of Love?

My niece donated her hair recently from another state. I thought that was the most coolest thing. I wasn't sure if mine was going to be long enough but when the hairdresser told me she had 10 1/2 inches to cut off if I wanted to do it and I said yes. I have never had a short haircut and have been looking at virtual hairstyles online with my own face with short haircuts that I got use to seeing myself with a short do. As she was putting bands in my hair to get ready to cut for donations, my heart felt so great that I was giving this to someone in need that the nervousness I felt to do the cut went completely away.

How did you feel about your hair after it was cut?

I felt awesome after the cut. I didn't know it was going to be a free haircut for the donation which I thought was cool. The hairstylist was awesome during the whole thing. The haircut came out great. I totally love it. Everyone loves it at my work. I have always all my life had long hair. I have never been able to donate blood because of high bp and this has made me feel so great to be able to finally give something to someone that others can't or haven't thought of.


It you are thinking about doing this like I was for a long time. Google virtual hairstyles online. You can put your own photo to it and put all kinds of short hairdo's on your own face to see if you like it. You can change your hair color and everything. It is awesome. This is what helped me take the plunge. I'm telling you, when you are sitting in that chair, and they are putting bands in your hair for donations, your heart feels like a million bucks and your new haircut makes you look hot. My husband and kids love my new hair. I do too. Its the best thing I have ever done in my life.

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