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A Rewarding Locks of Love Experience

Share Your Story: Have you donated your hair to Locks of Love?

By RDYancey

A Rewarding Locks of Love Experience
A Rewarding Locks of Love Experience

What inspired you to donate your hair to Locks of Love?

I first heard about Locks of Love after a friend donated her hair and was letting it grow out again for a second donation. I wanted to help kids with cancer.

How did you feel about your hair after it was cut?

I loved my new haircut. It was a really great change after having long hair all of my life. I also felt really good that all that hair was going to help someone else. It was much work on my part and it would make a big difference to someone who needed it.


  • Donating your hair to Locks of Love was very rewarding. Knowing you are helping a child feel better about themselves is really amazing. Just go for it!

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