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Reader Reviews : The InStyler Rotating Iron: As Seen on TV

User Rating 3 Star Rating (21 Reviews)


Have you tried the InStyler Rotating Iron? Did it meet your expectations? Does it save you time and make your hair look and feel fantastic? Rate and review the InStyler here and find out what other users have to say about this unique hairstyling tool before you purchase.

Review the InStyler

I Love this Thing!

I love this thing. I read the reviews, lambasted the cost and then bought one today and tried it tonight. It works great! I have thick, curly hair and got a questionable cut this summer. But this thi…More

Needs Better Replacement Brushes

Over the past few years I've owned multiple InStylers. At first I loved it worked like a charm! Left my hair shiny with body. Now the brissles are all bent out of shape the rotation part gets loose, …More

Don't Order Over the Phone!

What a fiasco ordering this thing!! First thing they ask is for your credit card number. Then you're stuck on line for almost half an hour while they try to sell you trips, magazines and numerous oth…More

LOVE the InStyler

I absolutely LOVE my InStyler! I received it as a birthday present from my best friend, and was so excited to finally be able to try it and see if it was as good as everyone said; the one I have is t…More

The InStyler Makes Styling SO EASY

I LOVE my InStyler! This was well worth the expense. I have gone through flat irons almost every year but the InStyler has lasted me much longer and saved me on hair product because you don't need an…More

Best $100 I've Spent

OK GIRLS.....I just purchased an " Instyler"...that's what it's called. If you're like me, not coordinated enough to handle a blow dryer and styling brush at the same time. This product is for you. I…More

LOVE the InStyler

First to those of you who keep burning themselves..learn how to use a product that heats up. I have used the instyler over 65 times and not once burnt myself..my ten yr old daughter uses it everyday …More

Love this Styling Tool

Absolutely LOVE this styling tool !! I've tried many and none work as well as this. It straightens and de-frizzes but leaves some body. It looks as if you used a blow dryer, not a flat iron. It takes…More

Love the Body from the InStyler

I have very frizzy unruly hair. Tried flat irons but they left my hair stick straight with no body. I have loved the instyler since the first time I tried it. After using it my hair is straight but f…More

I've Never Got My Curly Hair This Straight

I have never experienced my hair being this straight. Since Childhood the curly hair gave me all kinds of nick names. Thanks to Instyler it gave me a brand new look with long straight hair.It was ver…More

Great at Styling My African American Hair

I love the Instyler..People are giving bad reviews because they are burning themselves not for what the product does. It does a great job on my hair, I am African American and I love it!!! You have t…More

5 Years and Still a Great Product

I bought the instyler for $119 +tax (can funds) about 4 or 5 yrs ago. I think its an excellent product as I had seen it advertised on a few talk shows before I had purchased it. To me it has lived up…More

Big Disappointment and a Waste of Money

I bought this product after reading good reviews, after my traditional flat iron quit working after many years. . What a disappointment!! I watched the video, followed the procedure exactly as the DV…More

I LOVE my InStyler!

I bought one after watching the TV ad. Got sucked in by the two for the price of one deal. Then I played with it. I LOVE IT. Yes, I came close to burning my head, then I attached the guard... designe…More

In Love with the InStyler after Just One Day!

I love it. I read the other reviews and they say they don't like it b/c its to noisy, and it is really easy to burn yourself. First off it works really well. It's a lot better than a flat iron. It le…More

Don't Bother with the InStyler

The Instyler promises a full refund. But they don't deliver on that promise.PROS: Friendly sales staffCONS: Not honest sales staff, refunds aren't given, product is noisy and hard to use.…More

InStyler is OUT

I am an african american woman and personally, it doesn't work as well on our hair as they show on television. And I am of mixed race too, so my hair isn't that bad anyway. But the InStyler doesn't g…More

I do not recommend it.

I used the InStyler two times since I purchased it last week. I burned my right finger the first time and last night while I was wrapping the cord, I burned my index finger. I don't see any differenc…More

My InStyler Broke and was Never Replaced by the Company

I purchased my instyler from QVC, I was using the instlyer one day when the top of the barrel spun off and almost burned me on my shoulder. I returned the product and the company has not sent me a ne…More

Be Careful of Burns

I got the instyler from my mom one day & it looked really cool. The first time I tried it out my hair felt softer and less frizzy thats one of the main reasons I like it. I also like that my hair act…More

Constantly burning myself with the InStyler

I have burned myself using this Rotating Iron everytime I've used it. As far as I'm concerned it is a poor and dangerous product. It heats up way too much and leaves my hair feeling frizzy.I wished I…More

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