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Reader Reviews : WEN Haircare Products

User Rating 2.5 Star Rating (93 Reviews)


WEN Haircare is a single-step process that cleanses and conditions the hair all at one time. The sulfate free formula is nothing like a shampoo at all. No sulfates, no detergents, no harsh chemicals, and no suds. Have you tried WEN? What did you think? Did it work for you? If you're thinking about giving WEN a try, now you can read what other women thought (and check out my personal review) of the product before you buy.

Please Please Please Never Buy WEN

Please do not buy this product. First off, it's basically conditioner. You already have that at home. Second, they DO NOT issue refunds. After disputing it for several months now, they continue to ch…More

Don't Believe the TV Claims

The product is expensive for what you actually get. On top of that, they send another kit when you did not order it, and they your credit card without even telling you. Definitely TV can make you bel…More

Not Impressed with WEN or the Customer Service

TERRIBLE scam. Have seen this product over and over on QVC and always wanted to try it. Decided to buy it straight from their website since I could get it for a lower price with some other products f…More

Following Directions Makes a HUGE Difference. I Love WEN

Some of the negative reviews of Wen, especially the one on About.com, are very misleading. The Wen reviewer did not follow simple directions. She says that she washed her hair every day with Wen. You…More

WEN Made My Hair Greasy and I Was Scammed Out of Over $100

I had the worst experience with customer service. I received two packages (I only ordered one). Each package auto billed my credit card for $41.00. I knew there was autobilling to my credit card but …More

WEN Made my Hair too Greasy

I was very excited to get this product and try it out. When I first got it, I don't know why, but I thought after the first use I would come out with Alyssa Milano hair. Well that didn't happen and m…More

LIES, LIES, LIES... Buyer Beware

They lie... they say you get two bottles for $30... but that is just a payment.. it's really $90.. but they don't tell you that on t.v. lies, lies, lies!!!!... & false advertisement.…More

I Love Everything About WEN

I love everything about WEN... It does everything it says and my hair has never been in better shape. The only thing I wish was different.. I am a blonde and web turns my hair a more warmer yellowish…More

WEN Caused Immeidate Hair Loss for Me

Note: I have very delicate hair!The first wash was amazing! Then the next 3 times (without using any other products) there was massive hair loss. I would put in the conditioner and when I ran my fing…More

WEN Wasn't Exactly the Magic Bullet I Was Looking For

I was disappointed. It wasn't the magic bullet that I was hoping for. Any company that forces you to buy more, doesn't have much confidence in their product. They shouldn't have to coerce you into bu…More

Totally Worth the Money and the Customer Service is Amazing

I LOVE Wen cleansing conditioner and other products. Not only are the products amazing- but the customer care is top notch. The call center is 24/7 and are more than accomodating. I ordered Wen becau…More

Mixed Feelings About WEN

So I've only been trying the WEN product for about a week and a half! I kinda feel like most of the other reviews! At first I really loved Wen! My hair is long an bleached so it's pretty dry at the e…More

My Hair Did Not Improve at all Using WEN

I was excited to finally try this product because it does get good reviews for the most part. I really wanted this to work a miracle on my hair, too. I used this product exactly as the instructions d…More

Disappointed with WEN for my hair... but Love it for Shaving Sensitive Areas.

For the first month, I got excellent results. The color didn't wash right out of my hair as usual. but then after month 2, I noticed that my hair had lost elasticity. it was so hard to dry and set in…More

I've Never Been This Disappointed in Any Product

I was looking for a product that would moisturize my hair while cleansing it, without weighing it down. When I saw the Wen commercial, I ordered it right away, because it promised to do just that. I …More

WEN Saved my Hair and My Mother's Hair

My mother and I started shedding/losing hair due to Clairol nice-and-easy root touch up and after trying may different products to repair the damage without much success, we discovered Wen. I can hon…More

I Would Never Recommend This Product to Anyone

I hated this product and would never recommend it to anyone. After one use my hair felt greasy and it took me week to get it out of my hair. I even went to my hairdresser to make sure I was using the…More

WEN Made My Hair Too Greasy

First, let me clarify. I have a very thin hair shaft, but lots of hair. It tends to frizz easily, especially when it's humid out. My hair is not long. I have it at less than chin length in a bob styl…More

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