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Reader Reviews : WEN Haircare Products

User Rating 2.5 Star Rating (93 Reviews)


WEN Haircare is a single-step process that cleanses and conditions the hair all at one time. The sulfate free formula is nothing like a shampoo at all. No sulfates, no detergents, no harsh chemicals, and no suds. Have you tried WEN? What did you think? Did it work for you? If you're thinking about giving WEN a try, now you can read what other women thought (and check out my personal review) of the product before you buy.

Scammed by WEN

This product is not worth a try or the hassle. I regret ordering it !Heres my story: So, I go online to order it i do then it gets to my house in two weeks, yes two weeks! Then after 1 month I call t…More


This was a HORRIBLE product! Leaves your hair feeling dirty and greasy. Returned my product within the first week of receiving it for a refund. They had already sent me a 90 day supply and charged my…More

WEN Lavendar has Saved my Hair

Been using the Lavender shampoo and spray since August.My hair is extremely thin, but since I have diabetes and am on meds it has been falling out for years leaving me with a bald spot on top with ve…More

WEN Make My Hair Fall Out

Absolutely horrible experience! I was expecting a great haircare product, and it worked fine - until my hair started coming out in huge chunks! I followed the instructions, and when I washed out, com…More

Many Reasons to Love WEN

I love Wen too. I have color-treated salt and pepper hair, and for that reason would be dry. When I was younger I had oily hair but now my scalp is neither dry nor oily. Before menopause my hair was …More

What a Disappointment!

I was extremely hopeful when I ordered the Wen Haircare System in the Sweet Almond Mint (which is the only type being offered, in the introductory special). Upon using it for the first time, I could …More

WEN Gives me Bouncy Hydrated Curls

Wen is awesome, I have never had any problems. Many people on here have said Wen has made their hair fall out, I always have tons of hair come out , it doesnt matter what hair care products I use. We…More


I am a hairdresser and i have used MANY different shampoos, and really the only one that ever made me say "WOW" was Wen. My hair responds well to Wen, it makes my curl extremely nice. Less frizz and …More

Nothing Has Worked as Well as WEN

After watching an infomercial, I figured I'd give Wen a try. I've been coloring and highlighting my hair for the better part of my life. Straight ironing for a long time as well, and my hair was gett…More

Not Worth the Hassle

This is MESSED UP! I placed an order online 1/10/12...received my order today; 1/12/12.. YES ALREADY! I opened the envelope first and read the involuntary 'MEMBERSHIP' I had been signed up for. I cal…More

Scammed by WEN

This is a SCAM. When you order they force you into a membership without you knowing it.If it is a good product why can't you just buy it,This is a credit card scam, We reported this to VISA and MASTE…More

I was Scammed by WEN

If I could give this a half of a star I would. I purchased this after hearing how well it did with everyone's hair. I mean how can you go wrong when its made by a professional Hollywood hair stylist?…More

FRAUD Alert.

Fraud alert! It does not work for many people. I found it out by visiting Wen web site comments section. Visit before you buy. What even worse is the customer service. I ordered product in December. …More

Blaming WEN for Hairloss

HORRIBLE PRODUCT that makes you lose your hair. It literally falls out in clumps!! I have since seen a doctor and recieved treatment. I asked for my money back and they were difficult to deal with an…More

Not Impressed

WEN worked very well the first week, then it started not working as well. I found if i used a conditioner on top of it every other time it was working again. My problem was I needed to use a certain …More

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