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Wen Made my Hair Fall Out

Reader Reviews: WEN Haircare Products

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By noone

WEN Haircare

Date of purchase: 


What type of hair do you have? 


Describe your hair's thickness: 

My hair is average.

Is your hair frizzy? 

My hair has some frizz.

Describe your hair's moisture: 

My hair is normal.

My Review 

I loved Wen at first, it was great BUT my hair started falling out slowly. I did not think much of it because I had long hair so some falling out was normal. I continued to use Wen. Then I read about Wen making your hair fall out but did not read into it. I thought how could something be this good be that bad?

I slowly noticed a bald spot and have been watching it over time, now I'm freaking out because my hair is falling out and I now has a quarter size bald spot and I'm only in my early 30's. I know it is the Wen because my husband started using it and the same thing happened to him.

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