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WEN is okay, but the customer service was awful.

Reader Reviews: WEN Haircare Products

User Rating 3 Star Rating


WEN Haircare

Date of purchase: 


What type of hair do you have? 


Describe your hair's thickness: 

I have thin hair.

Is your hair frizzy? 

My hair has some frizz.

Describe your hair's moisture: 

My hair is dry.

My Review 

The product is ok, I was not overly impressed with the results. The biggest reason that I am very dissatisfied with this company is because I ordered the trial kit and somehow it automatically signed me up for automatic shipping and billing every 90 days. When I called to ask how to return it they gave me a return number but said I would be responsible for the return postage...might I add for a heavy package. I did not read anywhere when ordering that I would be signed up for automatic mail order but the customer service lady informed me that all online orders are signed up for such. I believe this to be shady and underhanded and therefore I am no longer interested. There were items that I was pleased with and likely would have reordered had this automatic billing not occurred.

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