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Reader Reviews : WEN Haircare Products

User Rating 2.5 Star Rating (104 Reviews)


WEN Haircare is a single-step process that cleanses and conditions the hair all at one time. The sulfate free formula is nothing like a shampoo at all. No sulfates, no detergents, no harsh chemicals, and no suds. Have you tried WEN? What did you think? Did it work for you? If you're thinking about giving WEN a try, now you can read what other women thought (and check out my personal review) of the product before you buy.

Will Not Purchase After Reading So Many Negative Reviews

After reading only 50 of the 100 reviews here, only 5 of them were positive. That's enough for me to not buy this product. I'm skeptical about giving my banking info out and being trapped into a "sca…More

A Product is Only As Good as It's Customer Service...

I tried the Almond formula which did not work on my hair type so I asked to have it changed to the Cucumber formula which is advertise for fine hair, which I have. They never did send the Cucumber fo…More

I Would Rate This Product Less Than 1 Star if I Could

Last time I will ever buy anything off an info-mercial >:( Forget that the product was nothing like it was presented on the ad and left my hair greasy, they're charging me for the kit that I already …More

WEN is OK. Not the Earth Shattering Results I was Expecting...

I was charged $89.85 when a TV offers says it was $29.95 for a 60 day supply.My order was delayed for more than a month. I tryed the product but my hair has not changed. The conditioning shampoo when…More

WEN Makes my Hair Soft, but too Greasy

This product made my hair feel very soft however made my hair get oily very fast. I do not like that they send you replenishment orders. When I tried to cancel an order they ended up sending me the n…More

WEN's Misleading Advertising Helped Mess Up My Credit

I bought wen a year ago and it worked great when first tried it. As I kept using it I noticed alot of build up and my hair was not feeling very soft anymore. I had to go out and get a deep cleanser t…More

DO NOT BUY! WEN Made My Hair Fall Out With One Use

My husband bought this as a birthday gift for me after he overheard me talking to about a friend about it. I only used it once, but that was enough for me. In my first use I lost 100x's the amount of…More

Very Angry About Hairloss from WEN

I used Wen hair care for the first time and it was good till the next week. I washed my hair and it was coming out. Wen hair thinned my hair and made it frizzy. I noticed it right away. I'm so upset!…More

I was Not Impressed Enough for the Money

I've seen WEN'S conditioner advertised on late night infomercials many times and I wondered each time if it REALLY worked as well as they said it would. I finally gave in and ordered the value pack …More

My Hair is Lifeless and Thinning After Using WEN

At first I really liked this product. Then I noticed my hair was feeling greasy and heavy. Now my hair is falling out in gobs daily. I would not recommend this product. My hair is now thinning so bad…More

WEN Advertising is Midleading

First of all I'm very disappointed! The advertising abou the cost is very misleading! I thought I was getting a good deal, but unfortunately the sales person I spoke with wasn't honest. He said I can…More

I Would Never Recommend This Product to Anyone

I hated this product and would never recommend it to anyone. After one use my hair felt greasy and it took me week to get it out of my hair. I even went to my hairdresser to make sure I was using the…More

WEN Made My Hair Too Greasy

First, let me clarify. I have a very thin hair shaft, but lots of hair. It tends to frizz easily, especially when it's humid out. My hair is not long. I have it at less than chin length in a bob styl…More

I've Never Been This Disappointed in Any Product

I was looking for a product that would moisturize my hair while cleansing it, without weighing it down. When I saw the Wen commercial, I ordered it right away, because it promised to do just that. I …More

WEN Saved my Hair and My Mother's Hair

My mother and I started shedding/losing hair due to Clairol nice-and-easy root touch up and after trying may different products to repair the damage without much success, we discovered Wen. I can hon…More

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