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Reader Reviews : Have you had a semi-permanent smoothing treatment done?

User Rating 3.5 Star Rating (23 Reviews)


Semi-permanent smoothing treatments are intriguing, but do they really work? Share your experience and read about others' experience with smoothing systems like the Brazilian Blowout, the CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment, Keratin Smoothing System, and more.

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Not Happy with the CHI Enviro Smoothing Treatment

Got this done at cost of $150, told it was safer than Brazilian Blowout. Excited about having smoother, less frizzy hair. However, after I left the treatment in as recommended for 24 hours before was…More

The Smell is Horrible

So, a friend and I got this done last Saturday, the day we left my hair was very smooth and felt great, looked really healthy all that jazz... so I waited about 30 hours before I washed my hair, and …More

Very Unhappy with the CHI Enviro

My CHI treatment lasted one week, alas. I have returned to a state that is frizzier than before. My hair has an unpleasant smell and has to be styled twice as long as before.VERY unhappy with CHI. Ne…More

Just Had my Second Treatment Done!

This stuff is a godsend!! I live in Corpus Christi TX, right on the water. It's 95° and 95% humidity most days. Prior to this treatment, if I wanted straight hair I was looking at a 2 hour proce…More

Great option for Dry Extremely Coarse Hair

I have had this since October 2011 done at JC Penney Salons. Different stylists were not as proficient as the one I go to now because it used to leave a slimy feel to my hair. I was told that was due…More

I'm on my 4th Treatment! Love CHI Enviro

i don't have a picture but I have curly, coarse hair, thick hair.... I love this treatment. My hair is so soft and smooth and after I have this treatment done - and wash/dry/style my hair you only ha…More

Stylist Approved for Curl Control

I'm a hairdresser, I bought this treatment at a hair show, I did this on a good friend that had ungodly hair, for free just to see what it would do this is going on over 1 year and she still loves it…More

Worth the Price and a Huge Self Esteem Booster

I have had it done 3 times. I had it treated the 3rd time a month ago. The first 2 times it lasted at least a few months each. Even when it the treatment had fallen out after month 4 or 5, I noticed …More

Unhappy with the CHI Enviro Results

Day one 9/6/13 treatment applied to my daughter's hair. We made sure she didn't get it wet, sweat or wear ponytail holders. Day three 9/8/2013 treatment was washed out by beautician. It looked beauti…More

This Treatment Changed My Life

This treatment has changed my life! Before I would struggle to blow dry and then use the curling iron to get my hair smooth but after ten minutes in humid weather, bang! the frizzies would be back. …More

Severe Breakage after Using CHI Enviro

At first after doing this service on my own hair and my daughter I was satisfied withe results. But now 4 months later and prior to we all have had excessive hair shedding and the hair strands have a…More

WOW! CHI Enviro is Amazing

I have very thick and very curly hair that will frizz at the slightest humidity. And don't let me get started on the knotting problem...I spoke with my stylist and she recommended the Chi system. Aft…More

Incredible Results from CHI Enviro

I did all the research before I decided to move forward and have this done. I went into it expecting great results and cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am! My hair dresser had the formal traini…More

LOVE that I Now Have Options with My Hair: CHI Enviro Treatment Works

I got the CHI treatment after my stylist suggested it, and I complained of always having to wear my super curly, super frizzy hair pulled back in a bun or pony tail (my hair is long) due to the summe…More

Unhappy with the CHI Blowout at JC Penny's

I was told the CHI blowout was exactly the same as the keratine products and that it worked as well, so I had it done on my daughters hair and it looked beautiful BUT after an half hour leaving the s…More

CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment is a Miracle

I have really thick frizzy coarse hair, and this product did miracles to my hair! It totally took the frizz away and my hair is super shiny. I love that my curl is still in but without the frizz. Oth…More

CHI Enviro was Horrible on Fine Blond Hair

I have blonde, very fine curly hair and when it goes frizzy it looks a lot like candy floss (minus the pink). With summer approaching I was looking for a good smoothing treatment so when I heard abou…More

LOVE the CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment

This smoothing treatment was great. However I think there is misunderstanding when it comes to the treatment. It is meant to smoothen not straighten hair. I still have my wonderful curls but without …More


This product works but it totally dried out my hair...the condition of my hair is worse than before. As soon as my hair is wet, it feels like something is in it. I went to a different hair salon and …More

CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment was Exactly What I Needed

I was sceptical of any hair treatment. My hair is naturally curly/frizzy and I wanted something that would provide me the option of having curly or straight hair with less work and less frizz. The CH…More

CHI Enviro Didn't Relax My Curl

I would NOT RECOMMEND this treatment at all. I have curly hair and it barely even relaxed it. It was a waste of money. I was SO DISSAPOINTED. I know they say the other type of Brazilian blowout is ba…More

Loving my CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment

I would absolutely recommend the Chi Enviro hair straightening procedure. During the hot, humid summer months my hair is VERY curly and VERY frizzy. I used to spend ages with the straightening iron b…More

This Hair Stylist Loves CHI Enviro: AMAZING 5 STARS

It has only been a few days and 2 washes but so far so good!!! I have done a few different keratin treatments. Some with formaldehyde some without and I have noticed the formaldehyde, as bad as it is…More

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