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Women's Hairstyles: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Growing out a Pixie Cut, a Step-by-Step Guide
When growing your hair out, the dreaded awkward stage can drive some serious anxiety. Find out how I avoided awkward when I grew my pixie cut out.
How to Use Coconut Oil to Repair Your Dry,...
Looking for the absolute best treatment for your dry, damaged, porous, brittle, or broken hair? Try coconut oil. This organic, all natural hair treatment will rebuild and restore your damaged hair. Also great for treating and preventing dandruff, coconut oil is a must-try for your healthiest hair.
Repair Your Damaged Hair in 5 Steps
These five steps to healthy hair can help you reverse damage, prevent future breakage, and return your hair to it's healthiest state.
11 Great Deep Conditioners for Damaged Hair
Learn how to deep condition your hair and which products are the absolute best deep conditioners on the market.
Who needs heat? Rediscover the magic of velcro...
Getting soft, romantic, long lasting curls with velcro rollers is simple with these easy steps.
How to Wear Dirty Hair
If the idea of wearing dirty or day old hair makes you cringe, but you know washing your hair daily is ruining your color and the health of your hair, these tips will help you get through the day without washing your hair. Even if you went to the gym today.
Chlorine Damage Putting a Damper on Your Hair...
If you're concerned about the chlorine exposure to your hair, or if chlorine has already caused damage to your hair (green hair, anyone) this article will guide you in preventing damage and treating chlorine exposed hair.
How to Prevent Greasy Hair
Greasy hair and scalp results in an impossible cycle as you try to get the problem under control, it often gets worse. These tips will help you fix your oily scalp now, and keep it under control in the future.
Do You Need to Use Clarifying Shampoo?
What is clarifying shampoo? How often should I clarify my hair? These questions and more are answered in this article about clarifying shampoo.
How Often Do You Really Need to Get a Haircut?
Do you ever wonder how often you should be getting your haircut? Well, it depends on your goals. This guide takes the guess work out of your haircut plans.
Why a Haircut Costs So Much
If you've ever wondered how much your stylist is making off a haircut, you might be surprised to learn that cutting hair takes a lot more than a pair of shears and a comb. Find out why your haircut costs so much here.
How to Color Human Hair Clip In Hair Extensions
You can color your human hair clip in hair extensions at home by following these easy steps.
How to Apply Hair Extensions
This step-by-step guide will teach you how to place clip in hair extensions at home.
Stylists Reveal: the Secrets for Super Soft,...
Do you think a salon blowout is only achievable at the salon? Find out how to get salon perfect shine and softness with these product tips and tricks.
Does WEN Haircare Cleansing Conditioner Really...
Have you watched in awe at the WEN Haircare Cleansing Conditioner commercials and wondered if it really can transform your dry, dull, frizzy, and unmanageable hair into soft, shiny hair that's full of body? I put WEN to the test and was surprised with the results.
Review: Nioxin Hair Products
Do you have thin or thinning hair? Do you feel like you're slowly losing your hair? The solution to thicker, healthier hair may be as simple as changing your shampoo to Nioxin. Here's why.
Shampoo 101: Choosing the Right Shampoo for...
If the labels on bottles of shampoo have you scratching your head, check out this guide to choosing the right shampoo for your hair type.
How to Create Finger Waves
Creating finger waves takes a little patience, but with these steps you can become an expert finger waver in no time.
How to Grow out Your Natural Hair Color...
Ready to stop coloring, highlighting, lowlighting, and ready to let your natural hair color show thorough. Read these tips to help make the transition to natural a smooth process.
How to Deal With a Bad Haircut
A bad haircut can break your spirit and induce anxiety. Learn how to cope with a bad haircut and how to coax your hair into growing out a little faster with this advice.
10 Times that We Said "WTF" on the Oscar Red...
Take a look back at the absolute worst Oscar red carpet hairstyles, ever.
9 Completely Legit Ways to Get Longer Hair Faster
Growing your hair out can be a painful process. Learn how to speed up the process and grow your hair out to a healthier more beautiful style.
5 Amazing Protein Hair Treatments that Work
If your hair is breaking, splitting, or fraying, a regular protein treatment may be just what the doctor ordered to repair and prevent future damage. Compare these great products.
How to Get the Snooki Hair Poof
If you lust over the Snooki poof, or (hopefully) just want to be Snooki for Halloween, these step by step instructions (with photos!) will help you get a spot-on Snooki do.
7 Reasons Your Hair Is Thinning
You know you're losing too much hair, but why? Find out the top seven reasons that you're losing your hair and get to the bottom of your hair loss concerns.
What ‘Hair Color’ Means to Your...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Have you ever
How to Make Curls Stay All Day Long (Really!)
Do you curl your hair only to find that those bouncy curls go limp after just a couple of hours? These products can help give your limp curls lasting bounce! Learn how to make your curls last!
Does CHI Smoothing Treatment Live Up to the Hype?
Forget the Brazilian Blowout, the CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment delivers incredible frizz busting results, without the risk. Check out my review.
Why the Lob Haircut Reigns as the "It" Haircut
Is the long bob (lob) the haircut for you? Find out why this versatile haircut is popular right now and see photos of celebrities with a lob.
The CHI Straightening System
A review of my experience with the CHI Straightening System on permed hair.
How to Get Marilyn Monroe's Sexy Hair
Do you want big soft curls made famous by Marilyn Monroe? Here's how, in just a few easy steps.
4 Red Flags to Consider Before You Get a Perm
Deciding to get a perm could mean the difference between beautiful curls or 1980's frizz! How do you know if getting a perm will have you running away from the salon in tears? Find out with these red flags to consider before you get a perm.
Partial Highlight or Full Highlight? What's the...
So you want highlights, but have no idea whether to choose a partial highlight or a full highlight. Fear not. I've broken down the difference with lots of tips to scheduling the right service for your next trip to the salon.
When Should Kids Color Their Hair?
At what age is coloring a child's hair okay? What are the risks in exposing a kid's hair to hair dye? This article will help inform your decision before your child goes in for their first color or highlight service.
The 9 Best Bob Haircuts
Thinking about a bob haircut, unsure of which kind of bob best suits you? Check out this list of the best bob haircuts and learn the language of the bob to make sure you get exactly what you're looking for.
Epson Salt Dandruff Treatment
Remove and help treat dandruff quickly and easily at home with this epson salt treatment.
How to Get a Perm You Won't Hate
If you are determined to retexture your hair with a perm, read these tips for getting a perm that you' won't hate.
The Secrets of the At-Home Blow Out, With Photos
Don't you just love the way your hair looks, feels, and behaves after a professional blow out by your hair stylist? Get that look everyday with these steps.
How to Curl Your Hair Like a Pro
If the thought of curling your hair, only to have it look like a clown or fall after just an hour or two, makes you want to cry (or scream) check out these tips to help you curl your hair like a professional.
The Best Celebrity Brunette Hair Colors for 2014
Jessica Biel's suble brunette ombre hair color.
4 Secrets to the Perfect Hair-Wash
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2015 Bridal Hairstyle Trends on Real Brides
Simply romantic hair is incredibly glamorous, as shown off by hairstylist Christi Reynolds with this stunning bride.
9 of the Best Hair Oils
When asked what one product I couldn't live without, the answer is always hair oil. Find out which hair oils are my favorite and find out why you should be using a hair oil, too.
What Type of Highlights or Lowlights are Best...
If you're confused about foil, bayalage, or cap highlighting techniques, you'll find answers and be more prepared at your next hair color appointment.
Is Salon Shampoo Really Better than Store...
How does professional shampoo compare to drug store shampoo? Is there really a difference? You might be surprised to learn the truth.
Why Sulfate Free Shampoo Could Be Better for...
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The Answer to Why Your Hair Keeps Growing, but...
Confused by why your hair has seemingly stopped growing? Find out what may be causing your hair's growth to hault it and how to fix the problem and finally have the long hair you desire.
The Best Foods for Healthy Hair
You are what you eat, and your hair depends on it, too. Find out what foods pack a healthy hair punch (and they're good for your skin, nails, and whole body as well).
How to Get Rid of Static from Your Hair
Static electricity is annoying and even more annoying if you're constantly trying to get it out of your hair. These tips will help you eliminate the static and keep it from returning.
10 Hair Sprays that are Actually Worth Trying
Ready to try a hair spray that will actually do what it says? These are my top 10 favorite hair sprays that deliver on their promises.
How to Donate Your Hair to Locks of Love
Are you thinking about donating your hair to Locks of Love? Here's all you'll need to know to prepare to donate your hair and how to go through with the donation process.
How to Clarify Your Hair with Baking Soda
If you have a lot of product build up or aren't noticing an improvement from your regular clarifying treatments, you can use baking soda to super-clarify.
How to Donating Your Hair to Charity
Pantene's Beautiful Lengths hair donation program creates real human hair wigs for women undergoing cancer treatments. Here's all you'll need to know to prepare to donate your hair to this program and how to go through with the donation process.
Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse
If product build up is causing your hair to look lifeless and dull, an apple cider vinegar rinse may be the solution you're looking for.
How to Create Sarah Palin's Updo
Sarah Palin's hair has been the talk of the 2008 Presidential Election and women everywhere want to know how to get that updo! In this article, I give you step-by-step instructions on how to quickly create this look at home!
Pompadour Hairstyling Tips from Celebrity...
The pompadour hairstyle is back and on trend in a daring way. Get celebrity styling tips for this on the modern style from stylist to the stars Raphael Reboh.
2013 Oscar Awards Mimic Worthy Hairstyles
The Oscar Awards set the tone and inspire our special occasion looks for the entire year. Check out the hottest 2013 hairstyles hot off the 85th Annual Academy Awards red carpet.
Is Your Scalp to Blame for Your Bad Hair Days?
If your bad hair days are adding up, your hair is thinning, styling is impossible, and the condition of your hair leaves you wishing for a solution you may be surprised to learn that your scalp is to blame. Learn how to treat your scalp and fix your bad hair days at the same time.
How to Find a Short Haircut that Works for You
If you fear that you can't pull off a short haircut, you're wrong. Find out why.
When It's Okay to Color Your Hair at Home
When is it okay to color your hair at home and when should you leave it to the professionals? This article answers those questions and hits on the consequences of home hair coloring when it goes bad.
How to Make Flat Iron Curls
Curling your hair with a flat iron is pretty simple. Gather up your flat iron, a few clips, and some hair spray and you're set to go.
Documenting a Locks of Love Donation
Watch the process as this client cuts 11 inches of hair off to donate it to Locks of Love.
Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Head...
Need to know a thing or two about head lice and how to get rid of it? This article will fill you in on everything you wish you didn't need to know about head lice, how to spot it, and how to treat it.
How to Really Choose the Haircut That's Right...
Clueless on what shape your face is? Find out why I don't believe in the best haircuts for your face shape and how to get a haircut that works best for you, beyond just your face.
The Oscar Hairstyles that Took Our Breath Away
Anna Kendrick was the bell of the ball with her soft updo at the 2015 oscars.
Easy Breezy Summer Hairstyles with Tips from...
Spring and summer hairstyles have to be versatile. Check out these breezy style tutorials, with pro tips from Blushing Brides, that are perfect for any summer occasion.
UV Protection
Protecting your hair from UVA and UVB rays from sun exposure can save your locks from becoming dry, brittle, frizzy, faded, and broken! Learn how to protect your hair from the sun's rays!
Is the InStyler Rotating Iron Worth It?
You've seen it on TV; the InStyler Rotating Iron that promises to smooth, straighten, curl, and perfectly polish your hair in minutes. I put the InStyler to the test and now you can see if this unique hair styling tool lives up to it's promises.
Is F.A.S.T. Shampoo the Secret to Fixing a Bad...
When you're looking to grow your hair out, nothing is more frustrating that the wait. Find out if F.A.S.T. (Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy) Shampoo and Conditioner really works before you buy it.
CHI Silk Infusion
Find out why CHI Silk Infusion is one of my all time favorite hair products, and a must have product for just about every head of hair.
11 Things Your Hairstylist Won't Tell You
If getting a great haircut is on the top of your priority list, check out this list of the 11 things your hairstylist isn't saying about the haircut you want.
O.M.Granny Hair: Instagram's Best #grannyhair
The granny hair trend is taking the heads of women around the world by storm, and these Instagramers' #grannyhair hair is everything.
Fight Dandruff and Itchy Scalp with Nioxin...
Find out how to end the battle (almost instantly) and win the war with dry, itchy, flaky scalp with Nioxin Scalp Recovery.
How to Create this Easy Fun Star Braid for the...
Easy star braid is perfect for the 4th of July. Find out how to create this braided hairstyle with these step by step directions.
The Dramatic 2014 Makeovers that Shocked Us
Taylor Swift said goodbye to her long curls in 2014 and replaced it with a straight sleek bob.
The Actual Rules for Tipping Your Hairstylist
Do you want to know what your hairstylist really expects in terms of tipping at your hair appointment? I'm spilling my guts on how much to tip to whom, and even what to tip if you hate your hair.
How to Actually Choose the Right Conditioner...
If the labels on bottles of conditioner are more confusing than helpful, check out this guide to choosing the right conditoner for your hair type.
7 Steps to Get Your Hair in the Best Condition...
Getting the best hair color results are as much in your hands as they are in the hands of your colorist. Find out what you can do at home to prepare your hair for your hair color appointment in the weeks before you go to the salon.
Does Hair "Get Used to" the Same Shampoo After...
Do you change your shampoo so your hair doesn't
When to Say "Yes" to Perming Your Child's Hair
Before you decide to perm your child's hair, it's important to understand what a perm is and what it does to the hair.
Alopecia: Jessica's Story
Jessica shares her 26-year journey with Alopecia from how she was diagnosed at the age of 6 to treatments, wigs, and coping with alopecia as a child, teenager, adult, wife, and mother.
How to Find a Hairstylist You Won't Hate
If it's time to find a new hairstylist, these tips will help you cut through the clutter and find someone you can trust.
5 Great Light Moisture Shampoos and Conditoners
If finding a way to balance great volume and moisture in your hair is a challenge, a light moisture shampoo and conditioner may be the answer. Great for fine, limp, oily, or hair that's just weighed down under typical moisturizing products, these light moisturizing shampoo and conditioners are worth a look.
How to Tell if You Need a New Hairstyle
Is your current hairstyle wearing on you? Is it time for a change? Here's how to tell if it's time for you to change up your current style and how to do it!
Deep Conditioning Treatments
Deep conditioning treatments are created from chemical mixtures of concentrated protein and heavy cream base of a moisturizers. Deep conditioners are typically applied and left on the hair for 5 - 30 minutes. The use of additional heat through a dryer may be used to help the conditioner penetrate deeper into the hair shaft.
The Haircut that Takes 10 Years Off Your Face
Is your haircut making you look old? These six haircut tips will turn back the hands of time and help you regain a youthful look.
How to Fake Healthy Looking Hair
Is your hair is frazzled, limp, dull, dry, fried, or otherwise unhealthy? Check out these tips, tricks, and products that will help you fake beautiful, shiny, healthy looking hair.
When to Get Your Hair Cut at a Beauty College
Have you ever wondered about saving money by getting a haircut or color service at a beauty school? This guide can help you make the decision about a hair college cut.
Cinderella Hair Extensions
Have you ever wondered about getting hair extensions? Check out this review of Cinderella Hair Extensions before you invest your money!
What to Do When the Happiest 5K on Earth Leads...
Running in a Color Run is a lot of fun, but getting that dye out of your hair isn't always the happiest way to spend an afternoon. Know what to do before and after the race to prevent and remove Color Run dye from your hair.
Where to Donate Your Hair to Charity
There are a lot of options when donating your hair. I've put together this list of my favorite organizations to donate your hair, with quick information at a glance to compare your options.
Yes, You Can Actually Highlight Your Hair...
You can lighten your hair with a few items from your kitchen and a little time in the sun. Be aware of a few precautions, however.
The Seven Deadly Sins You're Probably...
Are you committing one of the seven deadliest sins with your hair, like turning the heat up too high on your flat iron? Find out if you're committing hair suicide by making some of the worst choices.
The Best Hair Products for Shine and Luster
When your hair has lost it's luster, could use a pick me up, or an important event makes you want to pump up the shine factor, these products won't leave you in the dark. Brighten up with shine products that work.
The 11 Hair Trends Everyone's Loving This Year
Sombre color, lobs, braided updos, and messy texture are a few of the hottest hair trends this summer. See all of this season's hottest trends and get on board for a great summer.
7 Ways to Grow Your Hair Faster that are so...
If you're willing to try anything to grow your hair longer, this list of seven of the strangest tips for growing your hair longer might be the ticket to get you there. Some experts guarantee these results.
The Hottest Haircuts to try for 2015
Keep up with this season's hottest trends by trying a new twist on these must try haircuts. From pixie short to long, these cuts are hot off the red carpet.
The Best Blow Dryers for the Buck
Are all hair dryers created equally? Are some hair dryers better than others? This article separates the the best blow dryers from the ones that are just full of hot air.
6 Easy Ways to Prevent Head Lice
Preventing head lice is pretty simple and involves some pretty simple regular tasks that are easily incorporated into your daily activities. Find out how to prevent head lice here.
Sick of Contradictory Shampoo Advice? Get the...
If you're tired of the wishy-washy, contradictory advice on when to shampoo, with what, and how often? I have the actual answer.
5 Things You Should Do To Your Hair This Spring
Is your hair ready for spring? Check out these must-do tips for great spring hair.
Dirty Hair Tips for the Perfect Updo
Should my hair be dirty for an updo? I'm asked this question all the time. Let's unveil the dirty hair mystery!
Your Shower Habit Is Probably Ruining Your Hair
Are you guilty of skipping conditioner on your hair? Find out why you're causing more harm than good and why finding the right conditioner for your hair is important.
The Best Flat Irons. Period.
If it's time to trade your old flat iron in for one of the best on the market, check out this list. Get the best flat iron without all the guess work.
The Must Try Hair Products for Every Hair Type...
These must-try summer hair products are guaranteed to keep your color from fading, protect your hair from damage, and make summer styling easy.
Refresh Your Brunette Color with Coffee?
A coffee hair rinse can make your brunette hair darker, richer, or even out old highlights. Find out how to use coffee to freshen your hair color.
Must-Have Products to Save Your Hair This Winter
Need to tame those winter fly-a-ways, soothe dry scalp, and moisturize those frizzy ends? These products are a must for curing the winter hair blues!
Got Damaged Hair? Repair and Grow it Stronger...
Review of CHI Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner by Farouk Systems.
Must Have Hair Products for the Spring and Summer
I've been on the hunt for product to make your life easier this season. Check out my favorite spring and summer hair products.
Pro Tip: How to Actually Deep Condition Your Hair
Using deep conditioner isn't the same as regular conditioner. Learn how to actually deep condition your hair and get the most out of this important product.
My Review of Big Sexy Hair's Volumizing Dry...
Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo is a mineral and clay based dry shampoo that not only takes the grease out of your second day style, but adds volume and texture like you've never experienced.
The Hair Accessory Hall of Shame
Check out this list of hair accessories that aren't doing your hair any favors.
The Best Flat Irons
The market seems saturated with flat irons, but which ones really work, and how much do you need to REALLY spend? Here I run down some of the best flat irons and can guarantee that one will fit your budget and hair needs!
Pro Tip: Get Messy Waves Overnight
Learn how to get very natural looking messy waves by braiding your hair at night and following these easy steps.
How to Break up With Your Hairstylist
Your current hairstylist just isn't doing it for you. Whether she doesn't get your vision, her prices just went up above your comfort zone, or you're just ready for a change, here are some tips for changing hairstylists that won't leave you feeling like you're dumping a boyfriend!
Should You Use a Texturizing Powder
Texturizing powders are my favorite secret weapon hair styling product for volume, texture, and styling options that you never realize existed. They also can double as a dry shampoo, and perhaps change your life. Check out my favorites.
How to Extend Your Hair Color
If your hair color fade has you ready to pull your hair out, check out these must have products and tips designed to extend your color and keep it bright until your next trip to the salon.
Super Bowl Prep: the Evolution of Katy Perry's...
Katy Perry's hair is as popular as her music. From vibrant colors and vintage styles to the best bangs ever, Katy's iconic hairstyles are both the topic of conversation and a key part of her image.
Lemongrass Oil Mask Hair Treatment
Try this lemongrass oil mask tip to restore dry, damaged hair.
9 Myths You Should Stop Believing About Head Lice
Many of the truths we believe about head lice are completely false. Get your facts straight about this annoying little bug.
Pro Tips for Amazing Results with Coconut OIl....
Do you want to try the popular coconut oil on your hair but are afraid of greasy results? Find out how to use coconut oil for amazing non-oily results every time.
The Back Bar's Clarifying Treatment Shampoo
This unique Clarifying Treatment Shampoo from The Back Bar may be just what you need to restore your hair's body and manageability. Check out my review for more information.
How to Cover Your Gray Hair in 10 Seconds
Gray Away promises to help cover your gray roots with an easy spray. Find out if I agreed with the claims when I tested the product.
Dirty Talk: How Often Do You Really Need to...
The million dollar hair question: how often do you actually need to wash your hair? Find out the truth. Finally.
The 2014 Golden Globe Awards
How to style Jennifer Lawrence's pixie look from the 2014 Golden Globe Awards.
How to Get Your Toddler's Haircut
If your child has ever thrown a tantrum about getting a haircut, these tips can help you get through the experience with less meltdowns.
From the Red Carpet to the Office, Get These...
The bob reigns supreame as the haircut to have at the 2015 People's Choice Awards. See all the trends on the first red carpet of 2015.
Great Hair on a Budget Shouldn't Mean You Have...
Does the economy have you watching your budget with a closer eye? Don't sacrifice your hair products and services, but learn how to save money without cutting back on your favorite products or the services you need to look your best!
Save Your Hair with CHI Argan Oil Hair Products
CHI Argan Oil Hair Products just might be the answer to your dry, damaged, or winter scorned hair problems. Read my review of these new products from Farouk Systems.
When to Save and When to Splurge on Common Hair...
If it's time to cut the budget on hair products, this advice on when to save and when to splurge on your favorite hair products can guide your path.
The Budget Friendly Automatic Curling Wand...
Is the Kiss InstaWave really the revolutionary curling device that it claims to be? Find out what I thought of this innovative hair curling technology.
Balancing Shampoo
Balancing Shampoo is a type of shampoo is designed to wash excess oil from the hair and scalp, while preventing the hair from drying out.
4 Truths About Hair Products that the Beauty...
The hair and beauty industry are full of lies and deceit, and it's about time someone said just that.
Eggs: They Aren't Just for Breakfast Anymore
Homemade hair masks are fantastic for improving the condition of your hair without spending a fortune on salon products. Solve a variety of hair concerns with the use of a simple egg.
The Must Try Products and Tips for Better Hair...
The days are getting shorter, the sun shines less, and winter is just around the corner. What hair products and treatments should you be using this fall? Find out here.
The Five Emotional Stages of a New Haircut
So you drastically changed your hairstyle. Maybe you got that pixie you always wanted, or you're trying bangs for the first time. Get ready for the new haircut emotional roller coaster. Hold on tight.
Product Review: Bed Head Rock-a-Holic Dirty...
Bed Head Rock-a-Holic Dirty Secret is a dry shampoo that effectively extends the life of your blow-dry, increases the time between shampooing, provides volume, amplifies texture, preserves your color, and saves you valuable time styling your hair.
Spring Hair Advice
Advice and tips for maintaining healthy hair during the spring and into the summer months.
Review of CHI Organic Olive Nutrient Therapy...
Review of CHI Organic Olive Nutrient Shampoo & Conditioner by Farouk Systems.
Your Hair is Begging... 5 Habits that Are...
If your hair could talk, it would tell you to stop these five bad habits, right now.
Hair Color Makeover
What better way to boost your self image than to spend a few hours at the salon getting a whole new hair color look! Learn how to arrive at the salon prepared and ready!
Pravana Keratin Fusion Thermal Insulator
If your current heat protection product leaves your hair feeling stiff or gummy, you obviously aren't using Pravana's Keratin Fusion Thermal Insulator. This heat protection product is not like any other on the market. If you want your hair to be left soft, straight, and with superior shine, check out this Pravana product review.
12 Benefits Hair Products
12 Benefits hair products promise to protect, prevent damage, and fix just about any hair problem that needs addressed, but can it deliver on those promises? Read my review of this remarkable product line.
How To: The Faux Bob
A faux bob is the perfect way to keep your long hair while trying a shorter trend, and it's simpler than you may think to achieve.
Celebrity Red Carpet Memes that have made us...
I was one of the few that actually liked Scarlett Johannson's 2015 Oscar hair. Well, me and Kim Jung-un, apparently.
News Flash: I Might Actually Have a Favorite...
Pomifera Radiant Healing Hair Oil will make a huge difference in the health and condition of your hair. Combine a great product with science and suddenly you've got a little miracle in a bottle.
Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Dust by TIGI
Volume, texture, and oil control without sticky hard hair? This product makes it possible. Check out my review of Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Dust by TIGI and find out how you can have it all with just one, invinsible micro-texture root powder.
All of the Amazing, Strange, and Predictable...
The 2015 Grammy Red Carpet was hardly disappointing, with some shockingly terrible and amazing hairstyles.
Product Review: L'Oreal Professionnel True Grip...
L'Oreal Professionnel True Grip Texturizing Powder might just be the magic potion for the long lasting, volumizing hair style that you've been seeking. Read this review for details on the product and how to use texturizing powder.
Support Breast Cancer with These Hair Products...
Would you like your next hair products, tools, or accessories to help support breast cancer? Check out these products and tools, pretty in pink and all with a portion of the sales supporting breast cancer awareness and research.

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