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How to Create Sarah Palin's Updo


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Step 1 - Prepare the Hair
How to Create Sarah Palin's Updo

Nikki's hair has been prepped by curling the ends of the hair under.

Photo © Kendra Aarhus

Sarah Palin's hairstyle has been the topic of many articles, blogs, and emails asking "just how do I get the Sarah Palin look?" Well, search no further, as this step-by-step article will give you a simple and secure Sarah Palin style in minutes, right at home! All you'll need is a curling iron (or flat iron), a comb, a hair tie, a hair clip, and some hairspray!

The first step in getting the Sarah Palin updo look, is to prepare your hair by creating a soft wave in the hair with the ends turned under. You can do this with a large barrel curling iron, or with a flat iron (just bend the ends under as you pull the hair through the plates).

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