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Go Long, For a Short Period of Time


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First Things First
Curly blond hair extension
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Hair extensions are all the rage. From Hollywood red carpets to prom, having long hair extensions for a special even can be a great alternative to growing your hair out. Not everyone wants to spend the time or money to have them professionally glued or sewed in, so temporary clip-in extensions are a great alternative. But how do you get them to look professional, natural, and stay in your hair? Keep Reading!

Who is a good candidate for do-it-yourself hair extensions?
Here are a few guidelines that will help you decide if hair extensions are right for you:

  • Your natural hair should be shoulder length or longer for at home extensions. Shorter hair requires additional preparation that should be left to a professional.

  • Your natural hair should be medium to thick in texture. Thin or fine hair will require additional preparation to hide the tracks and make the extensions appear natural.

How do you purchase clip in hair extensions?
For this demonstration I purchased a 6 foot weft of hair from Sally Beauty Supply. I then cut the weft to fit the model, Brooke's, head and sewed the pieces to clips. Sally's sells all the supplies needed to do this, or you can purchase a hair extension system that already has the clips attached to wefts ready to place in your hair.

I chose a color that closely matched my Brooke's darkest hair color. It's important to note that the color does not have to match exactly. Your natural hair color will blend with the extensions. A representative at the store can help you choose a color that will compliment your natural color. I highly recommend standing in natural light when choosing a color, as artificial light can alter the color of the hair extensions.

Natural or artificial hair can be chosen for the extensions. Natural hair can be washed and curled like your hair, while artificial hair can not be touched by heat.

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