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How to Make Flat Iron Curls


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How to Create a Curl
How to Curl with a Flat Iron

Use small sections to make curling your hair easier. Simply comb, clamp, turn, pull, and release each section as described below and demonstrated above.

Photos by Kendra Aarhus

I've witnessed several people trying to curl their hair with a flat iron by wrapping their hair around their flat iron in a similar manner that you might use a curling iron. While I've seen it work (but mostly fail), you'll get a lot faster results by simplifying the process.

Follow these easy steps (using the photos above for reference) to create the perfect flat iron curls:

  1. Creating the curl begins with a small section of hair. The smaller the section, the easier you'll find your curls to manage, especially as you're getting started. Spray your section with your heat setting spray and comb the section thoroughly. It's very important to comb the section out so your hair is as smooth and tangle free as possible.
  2. Clamp the hair between the plates of the flat iron close to your scalp.
  3. Turn the flat iron 180 degrees. The direction you turn your flat iron will determine the direction of your curl. For less of a curl and more of a wave, simply turn the flat iron a quarter turn instead of a half turn. For a tighter curl, turn the flat iron past 180 degrees.
  4. Holding the flat iron closed firmly, but loose enough to move the flat iron, slowly pull the flat iron through your hair shaft to the ends.
  5. Release the flat iron and behold your beautiful curl. Move on to the next section of hair until your entire head is cooled.


Video Instructions

Sometimes following written directions like this is confusing, so fear not, I've put together a video that demonstrates this technique here.


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