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One Haircut - Five Different Styles

Get Inspired for a New Look Everyday


The hardest thing about picking a haircut, is making a commitment to the same look day in and day out. But why? Let your hairstyle compliment your mood or personality each day by manipulating your cut!

In this photo gallery, I'm showcasing my own hair and different ways that I wear it on a regular basis. I have pretty "normal" hair. It's not real thin or thick. I do have a little bit of body and a manageable amount of frizz. It's cut in to a short, layered, stacked bob with thick, wide, long bangs cut just above my eyelashes.

While we don't all have the same hair type, you can use these ideas and products to create your own array of styles with your current haircut! Or, perhaps it'll inspire you to try something new!
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Day 1 - Front ViewDay 1 - Side ViewDay 2 - Front ViewDay 2 - Side View
Day 3 - Front ViewDay 3 - Side ViewDay 4 - Front ViewPump Up The Volume
Day 5 - Front ViewDay 5 - Side View
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