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How to Wear A Halloween Wig

Without Looking a-Gouhl!


Choosing a Halloween costume is only half the battle in pulling off a great look for all the parties and festivities that this fall holiday brings. You've got to pull off great hair and makeup that will compliment your costume. Dying and styling your own hair for Halloween can be a pain, not to mention a huge mess in the bathroom. So, this year, why not rock an inexpensive Halloween wig instead and cut the time you need to get ready in half! Here are a few tips that will help you choose, prepare, and wear your Halloween wig.

Choose A Wig That's Already Styled The Way You Want
Inexpensive Halloween wigs won't stand a whole lot of styling, hairspray, or pins. So, choose a wig that is already set the way you wish to wear your hair, or at least pretty close. Never (really, never) use heat tools on your Halloween wigs! The wig hair is man-made and will melt on your hot tools, which will likely ruin your tool and the wig. It'll also smell to high heaven! Keep any brushing or combing light, as these wigs aren't meant to take a lot of abuse.

Consider a Wig Cap
When you purchase your wig, consider purchasing a wig cap as well. A wig cap will keep your hair under control and will help secure the wig to your head.

Pull Your Hair Back
If your hair is long, pull it straight back into a secure ponytail at the base of your neck. Next, using bobby pins, secure the ends of the ponytail to the back of your head, keeping your hair as flat as possible.

If you have bangs or short hair, secure those loose hairs around your face back with bobby pins.

Put the Cap and Wig On
Next, put the wig cap on according to the package directions, ensuring that all your hair is secure back in the cap.

Put the wig on, starting at the top of your head at your fringe (bangs) and work your way to the nape of your neck. If the wig is a little loose, you can use tape to secure the wig to the wig cap. Wig tape should be available where you purchased your wig, or a strong two-sided tape will work in a pinch.

Style the Wig
After your wig is on and secure you can do some minor styling. Halloween wigs can be colored with temporary spray haircolor, but if you choose to use a spray haircolor, be sure that you have a light colored wig, as these colors will not show up will on dark wigs. Use a strong hairspray, if necessary to set your style.

Now you're ready to apply your makeup, put your costume on and head out to your festivities!

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