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Save Money on Your Hair Routine

Without Sacrificing Your Favorite Products


When times are tough and budgets are tight, cutting back on your beauty routine can really sting! Do not despair! You can save money on your hair products and services without changing stylists or hair products!

Extend Your Shampoo and Conditioner

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Shampoo Like a Pro
Almost all of us are guilty of using too much shampoo. By learning to properly shampoo your hair, you can extend the life of your shampoo by more than 50 percent.

A Dab'll Do
If you find yourself needing a lot of conditioner to soften or detangle your hair, perhaps you're not using the right conditioner. A small amount of conditioner (proportionate for the amount of hair you have) should be enough to get the job done. Rather than using more conditioner, try a formula with more moisture power or add a deep conditioner to your routine once or twice a month.

Skip a Day
Shampooing everyday isn't necessary for healthy shiny hair, in fact, by skipping a day (or two) you'll cut your shampoo/conditioner budget in half, and increase the health of your hair.

Cut it Out... Well, Cut Back

How often do you get your haircut? Most people get a cut every 4-8 weeks. Before you fire your hairstylist for someone that charges less per haircut, try going a bit longer between cuts. If you can extend that haircut out by just one week, you'll save yourself the cost of at least two to three haircuts (plus tip) every year. While that may not sound like much, $45-$100 (or more) may be better used toward other expenses. If your current stylist is just too expensive, try going to a more budget friendly stylist every other visit for a maintenance trim.

Healthy Color Maintenance is Key

Hair color, highlights, lowlights, perms, and relaxers are expensive, and let's admit it, getting your hair done is a special treat that feels good and perks your spirit. There's no sense in creating a depression for the sake of the budget.

Try making your chemical services economically friendly by choosing color and texture services that require less maintenance, and you'll be able to extend the life of your chemical services by an additional 2-4 weeks. One or two less chemical services per year can add up to big bucks.

To keep maintenance low, try keeping your hair color within two to three shades of your natural color, that way it won't be as obvious when it grows out. Learn how to care for your color properly to help it last longer. How about a partial highlight instead of a full highlight? Ombre color is a perfect way to make a color service last months longer than a traditional foil highlight. If the budget gets really tight, find out when is it okay to color your own hair or how to grow your natural color out.

Watch for Discounts

Most salons offer some kind of discounts for products and services. Ask your stylist how to get those discounts and take advantage of them. Do they advertise discounts in the paper, on Facebook or on a website? Can you sign up for coupons or a mailer? Do they offer a discount for referring a friend? What about customer appreciation days? Do they have a punch card program (buy 10 haircuts, get one free)? Is there a discount for prebooking your next appointment? Do your favorite products ever go on sale? Asking questions like these can add up to big savings.
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