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Review of CHI Organic Olive Nutrient Therapy Shampoo and CHI Organic Conditioner

An Organic Product that Delivers

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Review of CHI Organic Olive Nutrient Therapy Shampoo and CHI Organic Conditioner
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I'm often skeptical of organic products. I'm a bit of a product junkie, and most "all natural" products that I've tried have been less than impressive and usually leave my hair feeling a bit flat. At least I used to feel that way, until I tried the CHI Organic Olive Nutrient Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner. I not only tried the product on my hair, but for a full month, used the shampoo and conditioner on the hair of my clients, family, and friends in order to try them a wide range of hair types.

CHI Organic Product Information from the CHI/Farouk Website

From the CHI website: "The CHI Organic Olive Nutrient Therapy line is designed to bring ancient philosophies of health and beauty together with Advanced American Technologies. These Hair Care and Skin Care products are designed to promote wellness through the proper balance of necessary nutrients using Olive ingredients, herbs and essential oils."

About the shampoo: "Olive Nutrient sulfate and paraben free shampoo with Certified Organic Essential oils, Natural oils and a special complex of extracts will pamper your hair and provide extra gentle, rich, moisturizing lather while nourishing, moisturizing, protecting and providing balanced care for your hair while preserving and maintaining color."

About the conditioner: "Olive Nutrient paraben free conditioner with Certified Organic Essential oils, Natural oils and a special complex of extracts will offer balanced conditioning to the hair while eliminating static and leaving hair free of tangles with incredible body and illuminating shine."

How Does the Organic Line Measure Up?

Photo © Farouk Systems

The feel of the shampoo is a little on the thin side, so you have to be careful not to get too much product in your hand, as it exits the bottle rather quickly! The product lathers nicely and is consistent with the lather of most professional shampoos. The cleaning power of this shampoo is excellent and always left the hair feeling clean, but not dried out. The only place that the shampoo fell short is that some people do not like the smell of the product. It has a very citrus, earthy smell. Most people either liked the smell, or didn't mind it, but a few of my clients couldn't stand the smell and thought it had a strong offensive odor. So, I'd recommend that you smell the product before purchasing it to make sure that you don't mind the smell. Personally, I like the way the shampoo smells!

The conditioner is very rich and thick, but distributes very nicely through the hair. I love the conditioning that the product provides to the hair and was impressed that it does a great job on both thin/fine hair as well as thick/heavy hair. The conditioner leaves the hair feeling very soft and easy to comb, but without feeling weighed down or looking dull. Its a great shampoo to use during the winter months! Again, the smell is very similar to the shampoo. I loved it, but a few of my clients did not care for the smell of the product.

Retail price for a bottle of shampoo or conditioner varies by retailer, but seems to be approximately $17.00 - $23.00 for a 12-ounce bottle.

Would I Recommend This Product?


I gave the shampoo and conditioner 4 out of 5 stars. The only reasons I didn't give it 5 stars is because some people don't care for the smell, and the price is a little on the higher side. However, its important to remember that most organic products have a higher price point, as production is more expensive.

As far as product performance, I think the organic (in this case) is as good as (and maybe a bit better) than other professional moisturizing or nutrient rich shampoos and conditioners.

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