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Zach's Wax Extreme Color Gel

Flare for Your Hair

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Zach's Wax Extreme Color Gel
Photo © zachswax.com
I was first introduced to Zach's Wax by Zach's dad, Eric, when he contacted me on Facebook (check out the Zach's Wax page) wondering if I'd give Zach's Wax a try for this website. I spent a bit of time learning about the products and the people behind Zach's Wax. I couldn't wait to get my hands on their color gel and see what this truly unique family business had to offer the hair industry.

What is Zach's Wax?

Zach's Wax is a colored hair gel, available in a rainbow of bright colors, designed to give your hair non-permanent flare whenever the mood strikes. It's great for Halloween, costume parties, sports events, fund raisers, the 4th of July, cheerleaders, or whenever the mood strikes you to have brightly colored hair without committing to something more permanent. It works on just about any hair color (no pre-bleaching required), applies quickly and easily, and washes out with one shampoo. It's perfect for kids of any age.

Extreme Color Gel can also be custom made in any desired pantone color on request.

Does Zach's Wax Really Work?

Zach's Wax Extreme Color Gel

Photo © zachswax.com

I gave Zach's Wax it's first real try on St. Patrick's Day. I took my green Zach's Wax and hit the town. From the parade to celebrations at local pubs, from the blondest locks to the darkest tresses, and even a few beards got in on the green action. Zach's Wax worked perfectly, applied easily, and no one had trouble getting the St. Patty's Day spirit out of their hair the next day.

Since then, Zach's Wax has made appearances at my house at Halloween, Breast Cancer 5K Walks, and kids' birthday parties. Each time yielding great results, no matter what color I used. I would highly recommend Zach's Wax for any temporary hair color fun, for any age, or any occasion. It's fun, simple to use, and easy to remove.

Check out the photo gallery on the Zach's Wax website to see all the creative ways people have utilized Zach's Wax. You can show off your own Zach's Wax inspired hair-do's as well.

Where to Get Zach's Wax

Zach’s Wax products are currently sold through the Zach’s Wax website and in a rapidly growing list of retail locations in the U.S. Among these are national hair salons Supercuts and ProCuts, Cool Cuts 4 Kids in addition to Hobby Lobby craft stores. Extreme Color Gel is also sold in contracted college bookstores and specialty retail stores.

About Zach's Wax

The Plahn Family

Photo © zachswax.com

One of the coolest thing's about Zach's Wax is that it's truly a family owned and operated business. The family's story is fun, heart warming, and honestly just plain cool.

Established in 2007 and headquartered in Ventura, California, Zach’s Wax was started by Eric & Joy Plahn with the enthusiastic help of their four children. Zach’s has two product lines: “Extreme Color Gel by Zach’s Wax” and “Zach’s Premium Hair Care.”

“My wife and I like to help others. Doing it through crazy colored hair seemed like a fun idea that our kids could get into.” - Eric Plahn, Founder

A percentage of every Zach’s Wax sale is donated to a number of children and sports-related charities every year. To date, Zach’s Wax has contributed to the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research, Special Olympics, children’s diabetes, autism research, Children’s Hunger Fund and many more.

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