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Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Shock by TIGI

Hair Bodifying Sugar Spray

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Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Shock

When I first got my hands on TIGI's Candy Fixations Sugar Spray, I wasn't really sure what to do with it. It smelled good, and it has a really cool bottle, but I wasn't really sure where it would fit in my hair routine. After playing with the product on several hair types and lengths, it's found a place in my arsenal of products as a must have. Sugar Spray has serious volumizing capabilities, enhances body, creates waves, delivers texture, and helps keep your style together, all while tantalizing your senses with the smell of toasted sugar. It's not sticky, hard, or heavy, but if gives your hair just enough of that "dirty" feel to make it behave and create a great hair day.

How to Use Sugar Shock

Sugar Shock is a great multi-purpose spray and can be used on several hair types. I've found that it's best used on wet hair before drying and prior to styling. Apply at the roots for increased volume, texture, and body (careful, a little goes a long way) or spray all over your hair to enhance waves. It's excellent for long hair, short hair, curly hair or straight hairstyles. It's especially great for fine hair that doesn't hold volume well or wavey hair that just needs a little extra help to hold a wave.

For big volume, apply to the roots and toss your hair with your fingertips, then dry hair tipping your head upside down for increased volume. Finish with a curling iron or straight iron.

For added body and texture, spray Sugar Shock all over your hair and dry/style as usual. I have found Sugar Shock to be quite useful on hair that typically goes flat and a great way to enhance the shape of short hairstyles. Try it on your bob or your pixie cut.

For a beach wave effect on long hair, apply all over, work into hair from roots to ends with your finger tips, and dry hair with a diffuser, scrunching lightly as you dry. Finish with hair spray to hold your style.

What Hair Types are Best for Sugar Shock?

Sugar Shock is really quite versatile for most hair typs, and is impressively perfect for fine to normal hair thickness with wave or curly texture. As long as you don't use too much, it won't leave a sticky residue that can weigh your hair down and make it "crunchy", but gives will give you an impressive hold to define your curls or waves, not to mention noticeable volume and texture.

Short, medium lengths, and long hairstyles can benefit from Sugar Shock. No matter what your length of hair, if you're seeking increased volume, texture and body, you've found the right product.

Thick hair can benefit from Sugar Shock as well, especially if you're looking for more volume through the crown of your hair or a beach wave effect to your style.

Sugar Shock is a great product to help tame mild frizz, but if frizz is a big issue for your hair, I recommend cocktailing or using a frizz reducing serum or oil prior to using Sugar Shock.

Straight hair will also love the effects of Sugar Shock, especially if you're looking to enhance body that straight hair can often lack. Sugar Shock can give control and body and even provide much needed structure to fine or thick straight hair. If your straight hair struggles to keep a style in place, Sugar Shock is a great solution for a solid foundation and structure.

If you have trouble getting your curling iron or flat iron curls to stay, try using a little Sugar Shock before you dry to give your curls the extra convincing they need to stay put.

I Can't Get Enough of the Scent

The best thing about Sugar Shock has to be the scent. It's an incredibly light toasted sugar smell that you won't regret smelling on your hair all day long. It's not too overwhelming, but sweet enough to almost substitute as a perfume. It's a great way to start your day.

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