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How to Fake Healthy Looking Hair

9 Tips to Help You 'Fake It 'Till Ya Make It'


Are you sick of your tired, dull, dry, limp, gross, or fried hair? It's okay, you don't have to admit that your hair has seen better days. Maybe the weather has your hair in a mess, perhaps you're over processed with color or texturizing services, or just in desperate need of a haircut. Whatever the reason, incorporating a few of these tips, tricks, and products in your hair routine will help you fake beautiful, shiny, body-full hair while you get your hair in great condition.

1. Get a Great Deep Conditioner

CHI Royal Treatment Intense Moisture Conditioner
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber

A weekly (or more if your hair is super dry) deep conditioner will revitalize dry hair, restore moisture, and help tame frayed ends. My favorite new deep conditioner on the market is the CHI Royal Treatment Intense Moisture Conditioner for Dry and Color Treated hair by Farouk Systems. With white truffle and pearl this conditioner goes the distance and delivers soft, shiny, beautiful hair from the first moment that you use it. It's rich, concentrated, and smells amazing. Also consider PureOlogy Hydrate HydraCure Hair Masque: this amazing deep conditioner is one of my favorites and made my list of great reconditioners to combat dry winter hair. The entire Hydrate product line is a 2010 Stylist Choice Favorite

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2. Use a Blow-dry Creme

Matrix Sleek Look Blow-Down Extreme Creme
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What's a blow-dry creme, you ask? A blow-dry creme helps your hair dry faster, your brush glide smoother, and your hair stay straight and frizz free longer. Most are packed with nutrients, UV filters, heat protectors, and help repair damage. It's a must-have product when you need to fake beautiful hair. The 2010 Stylist Choice winner is the Matrix Sleek.Look Blow-Down Extreme Creme. Also consider:

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3. Perfect the Blow-out with the Right Brush

ghd Ceramic Round Hair Brush
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber

A great blow-out can fake a great hair day with perfection, but the best way to get a great blow-out (besides paying your stylist to do it) is to have a great ceramic round brush. This one from GHD is a great choice, but just about any ceramic hair brush will improve your blow-out experience. Learn how to blow-dry your hair like a stylist with this how-to video.

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4. Invest in a Better Hair Dryer

CHI Turbo Hair Dryer
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If you haven't replaced your hair dryer in a few years, you're missing out on the opportunity for better hair every time you blow-dry. Hair dryers have come a long way in recent years. You'll be shocked at how much faster, smoother, softer, and shinier your hair can be with a great hair dryer. Check out my favorites.

5. Protect Your Hair From Heat

Photo © Pravana Naturceuticals

If you're not protecting your hair from the heat of your hot tools, you're likely killing your hair with heat damage. Many heat protectors lock in moisture, prevent heat damage, and seal the cuticle down giving the illusion of super shiny, healthy hair. Whether you curl, straighten, flip, or crimp your hair, good heat protection is a must. If your hair is super dry, try Pravana's Keratin Fusion Thermal Insulator. Some of my other favorites include:

6. Add a Little Curl

Photo © Olivia Smalley

Instead of wearing your hair stick straight, add a little bend to the ends. Waves and curls bounce light and give the illusion of healthier hair. For more shine and to hide those frayed ends, add a little more wave or curl. Check out these tips for great curls that stay all day long.

7. Clip-in Extensions

Photo © Kendra Aarhus

Hair extensions can transform your hair in an instant. You can quite simply add volume, length, and thickness without a huge investment or a lot of work. Learn how to add clip-in extensions to your hair.

8. Hairspray with Added Shine

Bed Head Masterpiece Hair Spray
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber

Some hairsprays can be drying and make your hair look dull and drab. Bed Head's Masterpiece Hair Spray is pumped full of added shine. It smells great, too. Some of my other favorite shine infused hairsprays include:

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9. Finish with a Shine Spray

TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Weightless Shine Spray
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Whether you just don't "do" hair spray or your favorite brand isn't as shiny as you'd like, try a shine spray to give a final healthy looking touch to your hair, no matter how you style it. There are several on the market, my favorites include:

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