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Permanent Waves, Relaxers, and Chemical Straightening

Deciding to chemically alter your hair with a perm or relaxer can be a big decision! In this section of our site, we break down the chemistry behind perms and relaxers and help you decide if this kind of service is right for your hair. Browse through photos of perms and relaxers and understand how to properly care for hair that has been chemically altered by a perm or straightening system.

How to Get a Perm You Won't Hate
If you are determined to retexture your hair with a perm, read these tips for getting a perm that you' won't hate.

So, You Think You Want a Perm? Know the Red Flags to Consider First
Deciding to get a perm could mean the difference between beautiful curls or 1980's frizz. How do you know if getting a perm will have you running away from the salon in tears? Find out with these red flags to consider before you get a perm.

CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment
Forget the Brazilian Blowout, the CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment delivers incredible results, without the risk. Check out my review.

When to Say "Yes" to Perming Your Child's Hair
At what age is perming a child's hair okay? Are there serious risks? This article will help inform your decision before your child goes in for their first perm service.

The CHI Straightening System
A review of my experience with the CHI Straightening System on permed hair.

Have you had a semi-permanent smoothing treatment done?
Share your experience and read reviews of semi-permanent smoothing treatments (like the Brazilian Blowout, the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment, and the American Smoothing Treatment) before you go to the salon.See submissions

Perming Your Hair - Permed Hair Experience
Have you permed your hair? What was your experience with a perm? Find out from other users and share your experience!

Perm Photo Gallery
View photos of permed hair.

Your Hair Nightmares Realized
Have you ever walked into a salon with a dream, and walked out in the middle of your worst nightmare? Share your worst hair experiences. See submissions

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