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Hair News & Artist Profiles

Discover the hair related news that matters with profiles and portfolios of artists from around the globe.

Emily and Erin's Hair Donation Story, In Photos
Check out friends Emily and Erin as they document their hair donation story, in photos.

Shaving Your Head for Cancer Awareness
What happens when you shave it all off for charity? Read Emily's selfless story of donating her hair for Locks of Love by shaving it all off in the name of cancer awareness.

Tangerine Tango in Hair and Beyond
Get expert tips on how to include the 2012 Panetone Color of the Year: Tangerine Tango into your hair color pallet.

Artist Profile: Deanna Bean
Artist Deanna Bean gives us a glimpse into the world of an experienced hair stylist, with extensive training in multi-cultural hair extensions, living in Eastern Iowa and shares a few hair styling tips and advice for others aspiring to make the beauty industry a career.

Deanna Bean's Portfolio
Deanna Bean's portfolio of before and after photos is an excellent example of how Great Length Extensions can change your hair as well as a glimpse into her skill set.

St. Baldrick's Day
One woman who was inspired to shave head for a St. Baldrick's Day fundraiser, shares her story and how shaving her head changed her life.

Artist Portfolio: Olivia Smalley
Artist Olivia Smalley shows off some of her amazing hair, makeup, and photography work in this photo gallery featuring her work. Bravo, Olivia!

Flood of 2008 Photos
A photo documentation of the Flood of 2008 in Czech Village, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. About.com Guide to Women's Hairstyles, Kendra Aarhus operated her hair salon business at Village Hair Design, which was destroyed by the record breaking flood of 2008. The salon took on over 8 feet of water.

Artist Profile: Olivia Smalley
Artist Olivia Smalley gives us a glimpse into the world of an emerging hair stylist, makeup artist, and photographer living in South Florida and shares a few hair styling tips and advice for others aspiring to make the beauty industry a career.

2010 Top Ten Weird, Strange, and Odd Hair News Stories

When truth is stranger than fiction, I want to read all about it. These bizarre hair related news stories made me shake my head. Check out these strange, but true news stories from 2010.

Cancer Doesn't Win: Monica's Story
This mother and daughter fought cancer together with the gift of a daughter's hair to make a custom wig.

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