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Hair Frequently Asked Questions

If you've always had a question about hair or wondered what your stylist was talking about when she used an unfamiliar term, you've come to the right place. We'll unveil a world of hair terms and mysteries here.
  1. Hair Glossary (71)

How to Grow Your Hair Out
People frequently ask me how to grow their hair faster. Find out how.

6 Ways to Prevent Head Lice
Concerned about head lice? Find out how to prevent this little bug from infesting your home with these six easy steps.

How to Choose the Right Hairstylist
If it's time to find a new hairstylist, these tips will help you cut through the clutter and find someone you can trust.

Sulfate Free Shampoo
What is the big idea with "sulfate-free" shampoo? Is this a crazy trend or do we really need to pay attention to all of this sulfate-free talk? This article breaks downs sulfates, simply, so you can decide if going sulfate-free is the right answer for your hair.

11 Things Your Hairstylist Won't Tell You
If getting a great haircut is on the top of your priority list, check out this list of the 11 things your hairstylist won't tell you about your haircut.

When to Get Your Haircut at a Beauty College
Have you ever wondered about saving money by getting a haircut or color service at a beauty school? This guide can help you make the decision about a hair college cut.

How to Break Up with Your Hairstylist
Your current hairstylist just isn't doing it for you. Whether she doesn't get your vision, her prices just went up above your comfort zone, or you're just ready for a change, here are some tips for changing hairstylists that won't leave you feeling like you're dumping a boyfriend!

Got Great Hair? Show it Off!
Did you love your prom or wedding hair? Do you have a great hair cut, color, perm, or relaxed hair? Show it off on About.com! Email your photo and we'll include it in our photo galleries!

A Beauty Glossary of Brittish Hair Styling Terms

Preparing your Hair for a Color Run - How to Protect Your Hair at a Color Run
Running in a Color Run is a lot of fun, but getting that dye out of your hair isn't always the happiest way to spend an afternoon. Know what to do before and after the race to prevent and remove Color Run dye from your hair.

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