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Go Trendy with a Modern and Chic Bob!


Bob haircuts are all the rage! From Posh Spice to Katie Holmes, bob haircuts are setting trends. The great thing about the bob is that it never goes out of style, so trend or not, this is one hair cut that you can always modify and adapt to fit your personality! This photo gallery features real women with bob haircuts that you can use as inspiration for your own chic style!
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Perfect Blond BobPerfect Blond BobSevere Angled Stacked BobSevere Angled Stacked Bob - Side ViewSoft Curled Bob
Soft Layered Curly BobShort and Sassy Layered Bob HaircutLong Layered Stacked Bob HaircutSleek A-line Bob
Edgy Razor Cut A-Line BobEdgy Razor Cut A-line Bob (side view)Curly Stacked A-line BobFunky Wedged Bob

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