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Hair Color, Highlights, and Lowlights

Whether you are looking for advice about which colors to choose, when to color at home and when to go professional, or if highlights will enhance your look, you have come to the right place! Here we will discuss all the options for color from natural looking lowlights to funky and creative color choices.

How to Lighten Your Hair Naturally with the Sun
You can lighten your hair with a few items from your kitchen and a little time in the sun. Be aware of a few precautions, however.

Types of Hair Highlights and Lowlights - Highlighting and Lowlighting Techniques
If you're confused about foil, bayalage, or cap highlighting techniques, you'll find answers and be more prepared at your next hair color appointment.

The Best Brunette Hair Colors - Celebrity Brunette Hair Color
The best celebrity brunette hair colors of the year are showcased in this photo gallery.

How to Extend Your Hair Color
If your hair color fade has you ready to pull your hair out, check out these must have products and tips designed to extend your color and keep it bright until your next trip to the salon.

Hair Color 101
Have you ever wanted to speak "hair", or at least have half a clue when your hair dresser talks about hair color levels and tones? Learn to understand hair talk with the basics of hair color.

7 Steps to Get Your Hair in the Best Condition for a Hair Color Appointment
Getting the best hair color results are as much in your hands as they are in the hands of your colorist. Find out what you can do at home to prepare your hair for your hair color appointment in the weeks before you go to the salon.

How to Color Human Hair Clip In Hair Extensions
You can color your human hair clip in hair extensions at home by following these easy steps.

When to Color Your Hair at Home
When is it okay to color your hair at home and when should you leave it to the professionals? This article answers those questions and hits on the consequences of home hair coloring when it goes bad.

How to Grow Out Your Natural Hair Color
Ready to stop coloring, highlighting, lowlighting, and ready to let your natural hair color show thorough. Read these tips to help make the transition to natural a smooth process.

Sunglitz Bayalage Highlights
Bayalage highlights are a perfect technique for natural or ombre highlights. Check out this review of my experience trying bayalage highlights with the Sunglitz Lightening System by Farouk Systems.

Ombre Hair Color Photo Gallery
Looking inspiration for an ombre hair color makeover? This celebrity photo gallery captures the ombre hair color trend.

When to Say "Yes" to Coloring Your Child's Hair
At what age is coloring a child's hair okay? What are the risks in exposing a kid's hair to hair dye? This article will help inform your decision before your child goes in for their first color or highlight service.

How Do You Extend Your Hair Color - Your Hair Color Tips
Have you discovered ways to extend your hair color? Share your advice here and read other tips on longer lasting, vibrant color.

Holiday Hair Appointments
Not sure how to schedule your hair appointments so you look fresh and fabulous for every event during the Holiday season? Check out this article and get the gift of great hair from Thanskgiving through the New Year!

Hair Color Makeover
What better way to boost your self image than to spend a few hours at the salon getting a whole new hair color look! Learn how to arrive at the salon prepared and ready!

When is it Okay to Color A Child's Hair - When Did You Let Your Child…
Do you think it's okay to color a child's hair? What age is okay? When did you let your child get their first highlights?

Do You Need a Hairstyle Makeover?
Is your current hair color and style wearing on you? Is it time for a change? Here's how to tell if it's time for you to change up your current style and how to do it!

Tangerine Tango in Hair and Beyond
Get expert tips on how to include the 2012 Panetone Color of the Year: Tangerine Tango into your hair color pallet.

What Do You Think of Ombre Hair Color? - Do You Like Ombre Hair?
What do you think of ombre hair color? Share your opinion here.

Your Hair Nightmares Realized
Have you ever walked into a salon with a dream, and walked out in the middle of your worst nightmare? Share your worst hair experiences. See submissions

10 Things Every Redhead Should Know
Redheads face unique problems with their hair color; natural or created redheads should know a few things about their hair color, especially if they ever intend to change it.

What's the Difference Between a Partial Highlight and a Full Highlight?
So you want highlights, but have no idea whether to choose a partial highlight or a full highlight. Fear not. I've broken down the difference with lots of tips to scheduling the right service for your next trip to the salon.

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