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Pompadour Hairstyling Tips from Celebrity Stylist Raphael Reboh


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Are You Ready for the Pompadour?
miley cyrus pompadour

Miley Cyrus with an edgy, platinum pompadour.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The resurgence of the pompadour has caused quite an uproar in celebrity and hair news. Are we ready for this trend to to be resurrected from the 1940's?

Celebrity hairstylist Raphael Reboh of Femme Coiffure Hair Spa in Miami Beach, who is responsible for taming the tresses of Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Claudia Schiffer and Chrissy Teigen, offers expert advice on this daring trend. "The pompadour is the perfect classic look for women who want to pull their hair away from their face, but still want to be edgy and fun," Raphael says, "however, it is not an easy style to pull off for the faint of heart."

Many women can achieve this modern style in a simplistic way. For example, if you have an edge (think Miley Cyrus and PINK), go for a textured type by using hair putty and mold to shape the pompadour. If you have a soft, elegance to your personality, channel Janelle Monae's attitude-- her classic pompadour is softly styled, works with her natural texture and can be embellished with a few demure hair accessories.

I'm thrilled to share Raphael's celebrity styling tips for getting the perfect modern pompadour with you.

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