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What is ombre hair color? Ombre, also knows as "dip dying" or "chalking", is hair color that is dark at the root and gradually gets lighter until it's (typically) quite blond at the ends. Celebrities have embraced the ombre look, and the trend is taking over the heads of woman across the nation. I'm personally not a fan of the look (for the most part, it's seemingly growing on me). It's likely that I'm just not cool enough to wear my hair with inches of dark roots and pull it off. What do you think? Will you embrace the ombre hair trend? Get inspired here and weigh in below.
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Jamie ChungWhitney Port Ombre HairWhitney PortSarah Jessica Parker Ombre HairSarah Jessica ParkerRachel Bilson Ombre HairRachel Bilson
Jessica Biel Ombre HairJessica BielJessica Biel Ombre HairJessica BielDrew Barrymore Ombre HairDrew BarrymoreAshlee Simpson Ombre HairAshlee Simpson
Hilary Duff Ombre HairHilary DuffOlivia WildeLauren ConradCameron Diaz
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