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Lady Gaga


Is Lady Gaga the Elvis, Madonna, Cher, and Michael Jackson of the next generation? She breaks all the rules, shows up in ground breaking costumes, and defies gravity with her hairstyles. She grabs headlines and attention at every turn, and (in my opinion) she happens to be quite musically talented. I have a feeling that drag queen and Halloween costumes will be emulating the Lady Gaga look for decades to come. Get your Lady Gaga inspiration here.
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Lady Gaga 2009 MTV VMA Performance2009 MTV Video Music Awards PerformanceLady Gaga's Meat DressThe Meat DressLady Gaga 2010 Grammy Awards2010 Grammy Awards PerformanceLady Gaga 2010 amFAR Gala2010 amfAR Gala in New York
Lady Gaga 2010 Grammy Awards2010 Grammy AwardsLady Gaga 2010 Brit Awards2010 Brit AwardsLady GagaEdgy BobLady Gaga on the Today ShowLady Gaga on the Today Show
Lady Gaga on MTV's TRL2008 MTV TRL AppearanceLady Gaga Signature Bangs HairstyleLady Gaga's Signature BangsLady Gaga 2009 MTV VMA2009 MTV Video Music Awards ArrivalLady Gaga in Red LaceLady Gaga in Red
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