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PPD Free Hair Color? Farouk Systems Takes a Revolutionary Step in Safe Color


Ammonia-free hair color? That's so 2011. Twenty-five years ago, Farouk Shami was the first to introduce what is now the latest craze--ammonia-free hair color. But the "CHI Man" didn't stop there. Beginning in 2012, Farouk Systems will take CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color (which happens to be the color line that I use in my salon) to the next environmental level with the introduction of the nation's first professional ammonia-free hair color formulated without Paraphenylenediamine (PPD).

PPD is a chemical substance used in permanent hair color and has been cited to produce severe allergic reactions in some clients. According to the BBC, doctors in the United Kingdom believe an allergic reaction resulting from PPD is likely the cause behind a 38 year old mother of two slipping into a coma after using a hair color believed to contain PPD. Most recently, PPD has been credited as the possible cause of multiple myeloma, acute leukemia, bladder cancer and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, which has been cited as the possible cause of death for the late Jacqueline Kennedy. To eliminate these risks and ensure a safer salon atmosphere, Farouk Systems will be introducing the revamped CHI Ionic Color. The sleek packaging will call out key new ingredients, and shades/mixing instructions will be 100% compatible with existing formulas to ensure a smooth transition.

"Our mission at Farouk Systems has always been Environment, Education and Ethics" Shami, Founder and Chairman of Farouk Systems, says. "We were the first to be ammonia-free and now we are the first to formulate without PPD. Ammonia harms hairdressers and their clients. PPD harms hairdressers and their clients. Farouk Systems does not harm hairdressers or their patrons. We are proud to be the leaders in creating environmentally safer beauty products."

In my recent research of PPD, I've discovered that allergic sensitivity can come out of nowhere. Reports indicate that some people reacted to PPD in hair color, even though they've colored their hair multiple times in the past. Different brands of hair color contain different levels of PPD, which could provide an answer to part of the puzzle. While I've personally never experienced an allergic reaction in myself or one of my clients, It's always a risk. I'm thrilled to learn that Farouk Systems is developing a safer hair color, and I'll be sure to report my review on the new color when it's available.

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