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Official Word from Farouk Systems: How to Spot a Fake CHI Flat Iron


Last week I talked about Farouk Systems (makers of the CHI flat iron) and their lawsuit with Target Corporation for improperly selling counterfeit CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Irons.

After reading the press release I wondered (and so did many of you) exactly how one could tell if they got the "real deal" or were sold a knock off. I scoured the internet and found several articles that give a tips and photos on spotting a fake. Most every article notes that if your CHI is authentic, the logo, plug, and power switch will give you tell-tale signs that your CHI is real or if it's simply mascaraing as the real thing.

I wanted to go directly to the source and find out what the powers that be at CHI and Farouk Systems had to say about the real vs. fake identification. Elizabeth Yong, Public Relations Manager for Farouk Systems, was quick to respond with this advice for consumers, "The only way for a consumer to be sure she is getting a genuine CHI product is to purchase it from an authorized retailer such as a salon or chain salon such as Ulta or JcPenney. If a consumer buys the iron off the internet (which is not authorized) the warranty is voided as well."

If you're looking for a true CHI flat iron with the warranty in place, the only way to know that you're getting the real deal is to purchase your iron in person. Otherwise, it appears that you could be playing Russian Roulette with your follicles.

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